Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Baby 2 Bumpdate: Week 24

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23 Weeks 4 Days

This morning I have a doctor appointment and my glucose testing so any news from these appointments will be in next week’s bumpdate. I’m so excited to see our little girl, I look forward to all of my appointments and seeing her on our ultrasounds and hearing her heartbeat. I’ll also have the results of my anatomy scans and blood work and I’m praying for good results. There’s no reason to be worried, but I always worry a little bit, like every mom I want a happy and healthy baby. I also really hope they haven’t changed brands on the glucose test from last time, I didn’t mind the flavor at all, it tasted just like a melted Otter Pop to me. Later today, I’m finally getting my hair done and adding some more blonde to it. I haven’t had my hair done in months and I’m so excited to be able to get some girl time with my hairdresser who is also expecting!

Here are some updates from last week:

-When we were reading Ellie’s big sister book we gave her, after reading it twice I asked her to start pointing out the characters/objects and when I asked her where the baby was she pointed to my belly! I thought it was the cutest response and she followed it with waving hi and giving my belly kisses for the baby.

-This week was a bit better in sleep, I’ve been sleeping mostly through the night but have been waking up really tired. So, I just can’t catch a break! In the previous 3 weeks or so, I was sleeping great, but would wake up around 2 and be up for 30-45 minutes, but wouldn’t wake up tired. Now, I’m sleeping through the night, but tired in the morning. Go figure.

-I’ve had a few leg cramps this past week and thankfully they weren’t nearly as bad as I’ve had them in the past and went away quickly.

-My sciatic nerve has been a bit of a bother, just a slight annoyance instead of lasting pain.
-I’m still craving salt and vinegar chips (Ellie enjoys them too), sour candy like Sour Patch Kids, and tart drinks like lemonade (which I'm currently drinking right now with some cut up strawberries). Before we knew we were having a girl, I thought we might be having a boy because with Ellie all I wanted was fruit and frozen yogurt. My cravings are so opposite this time!

-Matt and I have some time off coming up soon and we plan on getting the nursery together and I’m so excited about setting it up. We plan on buying her dresser and painting her room, nothing huge, but I’m excited to see it all come together. I just want her room to be simple and calming, but with some more color than what I did Eleanor’s room (see hers here, it’s just about the same in our new home now).

-Little girl has been moving more often now and I just love feeling her kicks. It’s such a magical feeling and I look forward to her kicks each day.

-We also tentatively booked our newborn/family pics with Lovers of Love this week for when little miss arrives. It's just penciled in for now, depending on the baby's schedule and my recovery. I'm so excited and we plan on doing them at home, I'd love to maybe venture outside as well for a few pics, but I'm not counting any eggs before they hatch.

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I’m thinking about doing posts featuring other pregnant mamas and their experiences, please let me know if you’d like to be featured and leave your email below! Any one is welcome, you don't have to have a blog to involved. Hope you’re all having a great day, the weekend is almost here!
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