Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Maternity Clothes Reviews

One of the things I told myself before I was pregnant, was that my second pregnancy I would buy more clothing. Most of my items are loose and flowy so I didn't have to buy a lot when I was pregnant with Ellie. However, by the end of my pregnancy, I was so sick of the few items that fit me at the end and it was too late to buy new clothes- I just didn't see the point in buying something that would only fit for a month or two. I mentioned in last week's bumpdate about doing a review of what I've bought so far and here it is! I still need to buy a few more items for every day wear and blouses for work, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

With my first pregnancy, I only bought full panel bottoms and this is my first pair of side-panel pants. The reviews on the pants were really mixed, but I went ahead and bought my regular size. Old Navy offers free returns/exchanges, so it was worth the “risk”. I absolutely love these pants! They are so cute on, fit great, they don’t stretch out, and wash well (I wash inside out in cold water and hang to dry). For me, they fit true to size, some of the reviews were mixed about that. I love the cropped pant leg, it looks great with flats or heels. My only complaint about the pants is that there’s no pockets, but I can live without that. I like these pants so much, I plan on buying a non-maternity pair when I return to work after my maternity leave.

 photo cn9329013_zpszjxsygis.jpg
When I was pregnant with Ellie, my mom bought me a cute pair of colored shorts (check them out here) and knowing that I was going to be pregnant all summer long, I had to buy some denim shorts to get me through. A woman from church game me a pair of Bermuda denim shorts in a dark wash, so I bought this pair to have a light wash in a different length. They are pretty comfy, but the first day I wore them literally all day long (from like 9am til 1am) and the seam on the side kind of bugged me by the end of the night. It just rubbed and rubbed and made my skin itch on that side. I’ve worn them since and it hasn’t bothered me, but I’m also haven’t worn them for 12+ hours. These also fit true to size and they have pockets! I like that these don’t have a full panel to them, they feel more like real shorts and are (mostly) comfortable to wear.

 photo cn9148469_zpstbvdxo9g.jpg photo 10979506_1575345602706843_783245555_n_zpsfvofyzle.jpg
I bought this shirt forever ago and it’s easy to just throw it on. It’s runs large, I did have to size down and even when I’m at the end of my pregnancy and I’m huge, it will still fit nicely. I wash it in cold water and hang to dry, but it still has pilled a bit. The description says it’s a sweater, but it’s really thin and will be ok to wear in the summer heat.

 photo cn8912665_zpsdazg5xzt.jpg
I love me a good white tee and this one is perfect (white is currently sold out, available only in gray). I bought my regular size, it fits great, washes well, and I like the texturing on the shirt to make it a bit different than a regular t-shirt. My only complaint is that the scoop is a bit lower than I prefer.

 photo 75F44392-1A50-4F55-B517-51BD10212EA4_zpsmh6hzuxh.jpg
Patterned Crepe Top
Initially, I bought the non-maternity version of this shirt, but it wouldn’t be long enough to last my whole pregnancy. I then exchanged it for the maternity version and love it. I actually prefer the hem line over the non-maternity version, pregnant or not. I don’t have very many prints in my closet and I fell in love with the florals on this shirt. It’s so easy to wear with my double pearl earrings (LINK TO ITEM) and I always get compliments any time I wear this top. Definitely a top pick for me!

 photo 7e101d2504dc685504beeaff50a990ba_zps6jzbiffi.jpg
Ok, so I bought these when I was pregnant with Ellie, but I’m still wearing them and wanted to include them in my reviews. These pants are so comfortable, I could sleep in them. Plus, they have back pockets, woohoo! They wear and wash well, I swear by them and tell all my preggo girlfriends to check them out. I would definitely order two sizes to see what fits best, they run a bit different than their regular Rockstar jeans (not necessarily bigger or smaller, just different). Old Navy offers free returns/exchanges so it’s a great shop to test out different sizes you don’t find in store.

 photo cn9133145_zpse4yylsjd.jpg photo cn9332332_zps7t8j9c6h.jpg
Oh my goodness, this shirt is so terrible. I returned it immediately, but with a sad heart because I really wanted this to fit. When looking through their site, the shirt didn’t appeal to me at first, but when you look at it on their model (LINK TO PIC), it’s adorable! I thought it would be the perfect shirt for work. The sizing is so terribly off though. I realize that this is a “boyfriend” fit, but it looked like I was wearing my husband’s shirt. It totally swallowed me up and I don’t think that sizing down would have done any wonders for it. Also, the collar is really slim/small and the wrong dimension for the shirt. Definitely pass on this baby!

Non-Maternity Items

 photo f8e09232bedcf9d16a8ab7ad06b6829b_zpsbfesmkls.jpg photo C2994AEA-04B3-4C0D-B153-F89FEEA8B208_zpsk93z3w7c.jpg
This dress is so comfortable and at a great price point- under $20. It comes in four colors and I just chose a color I didn’t already own for a maxi and went with basic black. I ordered my regular size and I think it’s roomy enough that I’ll be able to wear it til the end of my pregnancy and after. There is a slip underneath that will probably ride up, but the black isn’t see through, so I’m not worried about that. I’m really happy with this dress, it’s very easy to wear and just throw on and go. It looks really cute with a jacket or cardigan too.

 photo f4bc702f5bc18f01d5d0af2d60575fd2_zps2qdrnnmf.jpg photo 6D161202-D0C6-495D-BE7F-875A9712A45B_zps3dr1uji2.jpg
I wore this dress for Easter and I love the print. I probably will only be able to wear it another two months, it’s not going to last me until the end, but I’ll definitely be able to wear it afterwards. The fabric is sheer and there’s a slip underneath that will ride up and there’s just not enough stretch or fabric to wear the full 9 months. I also bought this dress in my regular size.

 photo 4ee2f363164fd95b4c1293943cce1cb5_zpsy2vm2mj7.jpg photo ca77db3c-e803-43ec-ad7c-d026c7f573dd_zpszdhn0dtf.jpg
This one obviously will be worn throughout my pregnancy and after. It runs a bit large, I bought my regular size and I’m happy with the fit, but if they’re out of your size, you can definitely size down and still have it fit right. One of my best girlfriends has a blue floral kimono and I’ve always loved it, she looks so adorable in it and when I saw this one online I immediately added to my cart and checked out.

 photo 7837c99512aafd2f55a3efb048ba4bce_zps9hooak7o.jpg
Every Target’s maternity section is so different and I really wish they carried more items overall at their store. They had similar white tanks for maternity, but they are always out of my size and it’s so annoying. Instead, I just bought a regular non-maternity long and lean tank in a size larger and I’m happy with it. I didn’t get a chance to compare their maternity vs non-maternity to see how different they were since they were out of a bunch of sizes. When I was pregnant with Ellie, I lived in these tanks, they’re such a staple in my wardrobe to wear under clothes, paired with cardis, or wear alone.
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