Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ellie's Easter Basket + Ideas

Easter has long been one of my favorite holidays. It’s a simple holiday, warm, includes great food, and everyone busts out their pastels. It’s kind of like the unofficial start of spring (although, it technical happened last week). There’s not a lot of build up to the holiday like there is for Christmas, it isn’t too commercialized, and it’s a holiday that doesn’t break the bank to celebrate. I’ve already started on Ellie’s basket, but there’s still some items I’m looking to add in the next week or so. 

I really, really tried not to spoil Ellie rotten this Easter, it's so hard not to buy everything and give it to her. I love shopping for kids and get so excited to see the look on their faces when they see something they love. Here is what I have so far for her basket:

 photo EF2B7CAB-FB17-4210-977F-6F8BE3058BFE_zpsxpnolmvs.jpg
 photo 7E1828A0-B438-428F-BD77-482BD25E88CD_zpsn2nxhyyr.jpg

 photo 7CC1ED4C-ECA6-43A7-98AA-3A14BEF0224B_zpsveem6wuu.jpg

 photo 10D7823A-DE64-479A-9C38-D29E1CAB26C3_zpsisslehnl.jpg
Coloring Books/Bambi/Bracelets all from the Target $1 Spot
Crayons // CD (from Target, can't find online) // Dr Seuss Book

Here are some great ideas to fill your little one’s basket:

Coloring books
Cover up
Fairy Wings
Nail Polish
Play Doh

Matt and I are candy fiends and always have a bag or two of candy around for us to enjoy. This is not a trait I want to pass down to Ellie, we really strive to have her eat better than we do and the longer I can push off sweets and sugar for her the better. Here are some ideas I’ve thought of to fill her Easter eggs with, although some of them can still have sugar, I figured it’s better than actual candy. I may also fill her eggs with small trinkets or stickers as well.

Candy Alternatives:

Sugar Free Jelly Beans
Dried Fruit
Yogurt Covered Raisins
Fruit Pouches
Yogurt Melts

What's one of your favorite Easter traditions? What do you like to put in your kids baskets?
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