Wednesday, March 6, 2013

InstaLately Link Up 16

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My Sally Hansen Pacific Blue polish was and exact match to my bubble necklace! 

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F21 Dress (worn as top), Old Navy Maternity Jeans, Nordstrom BP Flats 

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I've been obsessed with smoothies the whole pregnancy and have been using the Yoplait Smoothie mixes and adding OJ, lemonade, kiwis, and bananas. It's so delicious! It says it's two servings, but I've been drinking it all to myself. I've found that it's about the same amount of smoothie as a regular Jamba juice cup or my plastic tumblers.
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I'm so so so excited that my sorority big sis and my grand big sis and I are all pregnant together. It's been such fun news to share and our text messages are classic. I love that I have two women so close to me that I can connect to and lean on. 

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This past weekend was my SIL's bach party and this was our view from our beach house, gorgeous right? 

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Here's the view at sunset, so beautiful! 

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One night we went bar hopping and one bar served my Shirley Temple in a pitcher, I loved it! The best part? It was non-alcoholic like a Shirley Temple is supposed to be! LOL 

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I have been obsessed with kiwis now that they're in season, I'm eating a few every day. I eat mine like an apple, I swear you can't taste the skin/fur at all! Plus, the skin of a fruit has the most vitamins! 

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