Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bumpdate Week 29

How far along? 28 weeks today! (Each bumpdate reviews the week previous)

Total weight gain: I don't think I've grown any from last week, so I'm betting I'm still at 10.5 lbs.

Stretch marks?: None on my belly or sides (just a little bit on the underside of my breasts), I'm still using the  Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter every day.

Maternity clothes: Just wearing my regular clothes with the maternity pants I bought from Old Navy Maternity Smooth-Panel Rockstar Jeggings  (I bought two pairs) and my Kiki La'Rue Jeggings (which aren't maternity, but fit below my belly).  I bought two maxi dresses for my showers and some cute accessories and I'm waiting to wear them at my showers first before wearing them all the time.

Belly Button in or out?: Flat and getting flatter all the time.

Sleep: Much better! I'm still waking up during the night, but not to use the restroom, mostly just being awake. I did this before I was pregnant too so it's not much of a change.There's been twice where I've woken up wide awake and was up for about 1-2 hours. I hate those nights because I just lay there bored, I've tried reading or doing something else, but I found it wakes me up more instead of lulling me back to sleep.

Best moment this week: Finalizing my shoes/accessories for my upcoming showers and getting blonde highlights (I plan on going back to blonde). I also did a lot of cleaning this weekend which feels great! We just need to start putting the nursery together now, assembling the furniture, etc.

Worst moment this week: The anticipation of my shower this weekend! I'm so excited for my first shower and this week has seemed to drag by.

Have you told family and friends: Yep!

Miss Anything? Shopping isn't as fun as it used to be, I went shopping this past weekend and there were so many pretty dresses that would be long enough without the bump, but is walking the line with the bump. I'm sticking to maxi's, but it would be nice to find a dress that's short without being hoochie. 

Movement: Tons and in new ways I haven't felt before. It's really exciting! I love seeing my belly move, especially seeing a body part grazing from one side to the next. I'm unable to distinguish what body part is making the motion, but I love feeling her every day.

Food cravings: Mangoes, kiwis, and salmon. I've been dreaming of shrimp tacos, shrimp salads, salmon, lobster, and crab. Some mussels and clams would be nice too. I'm telling you, I plan on having a smorgasbord post baby.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.

Have you started to show yet: Yes!

Gender:Team pink!

Symptoms: My leg cramps are happening more frequently and have been more severe the last two days. Once I even cursed from the cramping and hubs came from another room to see what the heck was going on. I've had them for a while, but the cramping would disappear as soon as it appeared so it really wasn't a big deal.

Happy or Moody most of the time:

What I'm reading: I haven't really been reading anything baby related yet, I'm almost finished with A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown (which although is astonishing and scary that someone's life can really be that way at such a young age, but is really good) and I want to finish it before the weekend because I borrowed it from a girlfriend and I'll see her at my shower and can return it. After I finish, I plan on starting The Happiest Baby.

Looking forward to: My shower this weekend!
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