Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bumpdate Week 27

 photo 752FEFEE-5855-4E40-936A-4F3D6933E37C-8887-0000056C73D14CD6_zpsc8914242.jpg
26 Weeks 2 Days 
(bikini is from Target a few years ago)

How far along?  26 (Each bumpdate reviews the week previous)

Total weight gain: My next Dr appt is on Monday so I'll have a definite weight gain next bumpdate. I'm still thinking around the 10lb mark though.

Stretch marks?: Not so far, I'm still using the  Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter every day. I really like using this butter, it absorbs quickly and has no smell.

 photo 2894f34e-e18f-424a-943c-f7b965c237b4_zps58e69e1f.jpg
I want to go back!

Maternity clothes: I'm still wearing my Old Navy Maternity Smooth-Panel Rockstar Jeggings  (I bought two pairs) and my Kiki La'Rue Jeggings (which aren't maternity, but fit below my belly).  I've bought two maxi dresses, one for my family shower/maternity pics and another just to wear. The first one fits perfectly and I'm hoping the 2nd one does too. I really need to get some shorts and I meant to order a pair from Old Navy when they were having a sale, but never bit the bullet. I can still wear all my shorts (including my fave neon pink ones!) while just using the zipper and leaving them unbuttoned, but I haven't worn them like this so I'm not sure if they'll be comfortable still or not.

Belly Button in or out?: Neither, it's nearly completely flat though now!

Sleep: Sleep has been better, but I really need to stop watching crime shows before bed because I've been having the wildest dreams that totally go along with the story lines of the shows I'm watching (I'm looking at your Criminal Minds!)

Best moment this week: Digging a hole in the sand at the beach and laying on my belly! It was so glorious, I even took a nap!! Can't wait to go again! Plus, it was nice to just let it "all hang out" in a bikini, I didn't have to worry about sucking it in anywhere.

Worst moment this week: Nothing, this week was really easy.

Have you told family and friends: Yes, but if we hadn't they would all know by now anyways. I look like I swallowed a basketball.

 photo 286c128a802411e2ad8422000a1fa8e9_7_zps1bf1b6a3.jpg
Only 100 days left!

Miss Anything? Blue cheese, I can't wait to have an Outback Steakhouse Wedge Salad. It's been calling my name. 

Movement: Tons! I've noticed she's more alert during the day now than in weeks past and the few times I've woken up at night, she's been sleeping instead of being up.

Food cravings: Fruit, fruit, fruit! I've made several smoothies this week using the Yoplait mixed berries and adding OJ, lemonade, kiwi, and a banana. It's so bomb and keeps me full all morning long (I use the whole package and drink all of it, which the package says is "2" servings).

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.

Have you started to show yet: Um, totally.

Gender: Girl!

Symptoms: I'm beginning to get more tired at the end of each day, on Monday I went to sleep at 8!

Happy or Moody most of the time:
Happy go lucky over here!

 photo SOTM_3D_zpse04780e6.jpg 

What I'm reading: I finished Secrets of the Mommyhood by Heather Alexander (available here) and I loved it! The chapters and sections were short, to the point, and easy to read. There were tons of tips there and things I had no idea about and hadn't read in any other book or from other mommies. There were sections I read like "are you serious? that happens??" and then immediately texted my mommy friends for confirmation and to see what they experienced.

Secrets of the Mommyhood had great tips that go during your pregnancy, the delivery, handling a newborn, going back to work etc. She also included medical facts and stories from her girlfriends who had a different experience than her, which I appreciated.

If you're newly pregnant or have a friend who just found out they're pregnant, check this book out! It's the best pregnancy book I've read so far. Plus, it's hilarious, like a girlfriend is just telling you how it really is.

Looking forward to: Finally cleaning out the nursery. The hubs and I have said that this Sunday we are locking down and getting it down at all costs. Then we can focus on putting together the furniture and getting it decorated. I've wanted to clean out a box each day from there, but I've been so tired from work this past week I've skipped doing it altogether. Wish me luck this weekend!

Starting next week, I'll be getting off work an hour earlier so I'm hoping to get some good OOTD pics for you guys!

To all my pregnant sisters out there, please dish on how you're pregnancy has been going!
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