Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Neither Hair nor There...

Change is upon us people. Not just because I'll be entering the realm of motherhood, no, it's that spring is around the corner and what that means is changes to my hair! Lately I have really been missing my blonde locks, I haven't been blonde in what seems like a lifetime. I'm not ready to go fully blonde yet, I haven't decided if I'm ready to fully commit to it. When I'm blonde, I get my hair done every 8-10 weeks to avoid the ghetto crack look of roots. They are the worst beauty enemy! I hate them.

So I made an appointment with my magician hairdresser and started looking all over for some ideas of something in-between that's not ombre. I still like the look overall, but I'm over mine. I say that, and then I'll have a great hair day and I'm like, I love it! Then my blonde love affair comes back and ombre is in the wind.

Here I am very blonde, on my wedding day vs my hair today:

 photo d87aeac8-1468-42dd-a999-7837b69426bf_zpsafa62b40.jpg photo 6569454D-022B-4FB3-B1DA-AF19D0D0AFE9-1481-000000A24BD5CD42_zps5e64a508.jpg

Now, I love how the dark brunette makes my eyes pop and doesn't wash me out like being blonde can do, but when I think of myself, I still picture myself blonde. Plus, like I said, it's getting close to spring so I think lightening up is perfect. Here is some of my inspiration I've found on Pinterest:

 photo ec39463559aa628a272503d28a5249bc_zpsb348bec4.jpg photo 49244d6199cf26566287c749cc210df2_zps285cbdfc.jpg photo 0834ecd6ff39699fc37b06c479f64041_zpsf2735370.jpg photo 28e776714ed245070875731000d15582_zps4d0db7bc.jpg photo 5d06ae2a1ad41552eafc2a5d880dee87_zps9ab90d94.jpg photo ced8981ce33110e754e3af3d296fd2fb_zps5cd67f87.jpg photo d49faa4d12b45244f76d3c390f361db9_zpsebe8d558.jpg photo 249eb5ade3e9eb0ea83ed0d707aab22e_zps0da1917b.jpg photo efa186203c3e606e4af5691d88308619_zps657a8c7c.jpg

I love the last three pictures, that they're a darker with lots of highlights, lightening it up overall. I'm leaning towards this for now and seeing where it takes me for the rest of summer and future hair appointments. I just want something that's bright, lighter, but not as high maintenance as when I'm full on blonde.

My appointment is at the end of the month, right before my shower, a wedding, and our maternity pics so I have some time to make a decision, but wanted to share what I'm thinking now. Also, my hair is not longer or thicker due to being pregnant. That was one thing I've been looking forward to my whole life! I figured that I would finally get long hair when I was pregnant instead of this medium length I've had my whole life. Whatever those other preggers were doing, apparently I'm not (and yes, I'm taking my pre-natals). So non-preggers, take note: this does not happen to everyone so squish that hair dream now!

What are your hair plans for spring and summer? Please share!
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