Thursday, January 26, 2012

Zoya Please, I'll Take Two

Just like every other polish-a-holic, I too ordered 2 free polishes from Zoya for a special promotion they had. I meant to make two or three more orders but I couldn't pick a color! After much debate, I settled on these two:

Bela from the Romantic Collection
Great suggestion from Vanessa, a soft nude pink.Very creamy, a little streaky on the first coat, but perfect with coat two.
Swatch via Vampy Varnish

Kennedy from the Feel Collection
A very opaque nude color, but more in the family of tans with a hint of lavender. 
One of the items that came with my order is this awesome catalog of all the colors. I'm so super excited about it because I think it will help my next purchase easier to choose from. I always just worry about the truth to color shades when I browse online. The color on my personal computer is legit, but some websites are just crazy.

What colors did you order? I'm always looking for new colors, but always end up with pinks! My next Zoya order is definitely going to be something dark or bright.You can check out my original Zoya review here.
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