Monday, January 2, 2012

12 Trends for 2012

I saw on People (I used all their pictures from the post too) their top trends for this year and I wanted to share it with everyone and get your feedback.
Pleats- skirts and dresses
I think this will be an easy trend to wear, I've already seen so many pleats in stores already. I don't think I'll follow this trend though, in college I had a pleated dress and I just was never that big of a fan of how it looked in pictures. I'm not saying I won't try this trend, it's just whether or not I find something I like, but I won't be running out in search for it.
LRD- The Little RED dress
I think a little dress in any color works. I'm not a big fan of red on myself, I like it, but it's not a color that's filled up my closet.
Embellished Sweatshirts
Sure, why not?

Maxi Skirts and Button Downs
 I really wish they found a better picture that this. I can see Jen Lyons of JCrew rocking this look fantastically. I think I'll definitely give this look a try...if I ever buy a maxi skirt. LOL
Nautical Stripes
Ummm, when are stripes ever out? I love stripes and always have. I'm gonna wear stripes regardless if they're "in style" or not.
Lemony Yellow
One of my fave colors. I'm happy it will be more available now.
One Shoulder Dresses
Almost all of my dresses are one-shouldered, my gfs even tease me about this. So, I'm down for this trend! I love this look and think it's really flattering on most body shapes/sizes.
Green Leather
Ummmm, I'm not too sure on this one. Maybe something only celebs could wear?
Multi-Length Skirts
Ah, the mullet dress. I totally called this in this post. I've even started seeing this more at F21 and even Target. I think the look can definitely work for you depending on the dress and the occasion. 

Animal Print Leggings
Again, only something celebs could pull off. And maybe high schoolers?

Sheer Skirts
I love this look, but is something that definitely depends on the dress. This could very easily go south.
Bright Tights
Yay! I love this look and it's so easy to pull off at any age. I think some colors are definitely very bright, so maybe start off with other colors such as navy or plum before you go for it.

What do you think ladies? Do you like these trends? Do you think People is right on the nose for 2012? What trends are you foreseeing?

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