Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Casual Date Outfit Inspirations

On Twitter, I was asking for some post suggestions and my lovely friend Danielle of Sweet Nothings suggested date night outfit ideas. Hello! What a fantastic idea? How often are we just searching and tearing our closets apart to find something great to wear? I hopped right on it!

First, I think that the majority of boys like simple. Girls dress for girls, but when you're on a date, you have to dress for him. How are you going to enjoy the date and it's activities when you're worrying about your clothes? You want to wear something comfortable that keeps you ready for anything. You don't want to wear something you have to tug on, is sucking the life out of you, or is uncomfortable to wear. The key is finding something that chic, fun, and comfortable so you can focus on those sparkly eyes, cute dimples, the conversation and your date.

One super versatile piece that's great for a date is a good chambray top. It's easy to layer, goes throughout the seasons, and a bit tomboy which get boys riled up.
Heels and Jewelry of your choice
Here's some great ways to wear your chambray for a variety of dates, to the movies, coffee, a day date, etc. Switch out your accessories and shoes to dress up or down. Colored bottoms like red and hot pink would also be a lot of fun!

Another great route, especially for nighttime dates for drinks or dinner would be to add a blazer, I love the look of a crisp white one.
Nordstrom Blazer (similar here and here) Gap Skinnies Concert Tee (pick one up from F21 here, here, and my personal fave hereF21 Striped Top (similar here)
Just add wedges, layered necklaces, and a structured bag and you're set.

There you have it. Some easy go-to outfit ideas for a night on the town with some eye candy.

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