Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vlog: How-To Donut Bun

Many of you emailed me after my hair donut review on how to use it, so I thought I'd post a video for you ladies. It's seriously so easy!

Wow. I love how Vimeo chooses the most flattering screen shots as the opening.

Like I said in the video, this bun is half-assed so it's not the best outcome. Plus, I didn't even notice the gigantic loose side I have going on until later. Oops.

One thing to note, is that I did this with fresh washed hair that had been straightened and I think it's easier with hair that's at least a day old and curled because your hair is easier to manipulate.

But, as you can see, the bun takes just a few minutes to create and there's a variety of looks and ways to wear it. I hope this video helps!

Any suggestions for future videos?
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