Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Everyone, You Can Stop...

looking for a red lipstick that lasts! I've done the dirty work and I've found one for you!

Remember my Sephora F/F purchases? Well that Always Red Lipstain is a diamond in the rough. This stain is no joke! I put it on at 830am and wore it through to 2am while only touching it up twice! The second time I didn't really need to touch it up, but did just out of habit.

Plus, it's the most perfect shade of red. It's warm and bright and I think the color would work for a variety of skin tones and hair colors.

I wore it to work and out that night, and I'm not kidding you, in two days time 12 people complimented me on it. 12! Twelve! Half of which were complete strangers.All I could think to myself is that I hit the red lip jackpot.

You might remember the first time I wore red lips (see the post here) and wearing red lips is seriously high maintenance. It wears off, it's obvious if it smears, the color can bleed, you have to constantly check for color on your teeth. It's a nightmare.

Not with this puppy. Oh no. This stuff lasts. I ate, drank, and talked all day/night and my lips were nearly perfect. You do have to do the usual blotting and you need to be careful about applying the color, but luckily it takes a few moments to set so you do have time to clean up any mistakes.

I've told you the good stuff, here's it's downfalls:

For one, this is the only shade of red the product comes in so if this shade doesn't work for you, you're outta luck. 
It's a bit drying, so you do need to wear a chapstick with it midday. 
It's hard to take off once it's set. I had to seriously scrub my lips to get it all off, and that's after using a makeup remover.
While the color stays on your lips, it does come off onto whatever you touch like a regular lipstick. It just stays on your lips without wearing off.

Another feature of the stain is that it's matte. Which I thought could be weird, but I loved the look! Plus, you can always top it with gloss so it's no big deal.

Overall, I seriously love this product! I'm so glad I took a chance and went for it. I'm wearing red lips all the time now and without the fuss. To apply, I use a liner first around my lips and then apply the stain, blot and clean any mistakes. Wala!  I couldn't be happier with this product!

Do you wear red lips? What product do you use?
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