Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentines Crafts

**Hey ladies! I posted this last year, but with Valentines coming up I wanted to re-post some crafts I've made in the past. Amber from Amber's Notebook has a great idea in the comments as well you might want to check out! I've done it myself and the Fiance LOVED it! Feel free to add any ideas as well! I'm looking for something new this year!**

For holidays, the BF and I like to do something together instead of exchanging gifts, but we always exchange a card. Psssst....he picks the best ones! I re-read them all the time!

With Valentines coming up (in 18 days!), I thought I would share two card ideas I did for my lover that he absolutely loved. It was a big hit with his roommates and my guy friends as well. One guy even took a picture and sent it to his girlfriend for her to do next time! Lol!

They're both easy, just time consuming, and they won't cost you a pretty penny.


The first is a candy bar card, it's pretty common, but people forget about it. You just write out a message using candy for part of the words. It gets kind of hard sometimes to think of lines, but it's fun to be creative. I found that it was easier to list a bunch of candy first, then see what I could make of it. I did this card for his birthday and it was a lot of fun to make. PS several of my friends made fun of me for this card, but 3 of them have since copied my great idea!


The second card I did for Valentines Day last year. On the front I put "I love you more than..." and then cut out what felt like 100s of hearts (really wish I had a die-cut) by hand and put things I enjoy on them. Then on the inside I did the ABCs of what I love about him. This card took more time than I thought so I would suggest starting soon. Like today. My friends made fun of me for this card too (why do I keep asking them for help with ideas???) but they all loved the finished product.

I haven't thought of my card yet for this year, we're going to the zoo that day (if my beau can get a decent shift at work anyways) so I want to do an animal theme. Please, if you have any ideas, send them my way!
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