Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Reader Question: Make-up


Last night, Amanda from Tales of a Horvath Housewife asked me "What order should you put your make-up on in? I have read several different things (eye make-up then face make-up and vice=versa) and I am totally confused. What do you think is the best way??"

Thanks for you question Amanda, I love hearing from my you guys! Make-up is so much fun and is a great way to try new looks. Everyone puts theirs on a little differently, but I'll tell you how I put my make-up on and what I have learned from magazines, having my make-up done, and going to make-up parties.

First, you want to make sure your face is clean and apply sunscreen to your face, not forgetting about your neck and chest. I know it's winter and you might not be outside much, but one of the top sun damages we expose ourselves to is the sun shining through our car windows or walking to and from your car. Crazy huh?

Then you want to apply a moisturizer, giving your face some time for the moisturizer to set in.


I like to start with my eyes first, so that if any shadow falls onto my cheek I can clean it up without having to re-do my face make-up. If you wear a primer, put it on first otherwise you can use some liquid foundation to help your shadow "stick".

Then put your highlighter (brown bone and inner eye corners) and light shadow on first, followed by your medium and darker shades. Remember a key to shadow is blending and that it will look different- and often better- after eye liner and mascara. You can always touch up your highlighter if needed to after.

Once your eye shadow is done, the next step is eye liner (if you wear it). Some people do this before, but that makes no sense to me or some make-up artists I have asked. I guess it's just a matter of preference. For eye liner, you can do a series of dashes and then connect them or one continuous line. When I first started wearing liquid, I would just try my best and then use a Q-tip in make-up remover to fix any mistakes, and now I'm a pro! Never use liquid on your bottom lid though, it is not 1985 and it didn't even look good then. Another option is to use a liner brush and dark shadow for a softer daytime look.

Here comes the best part, mascara! Make sure to curl your lashes! Even when I don't wear make-up, I always curl mine. A little secret is to heat your curler up with your hair dryer for maximum effect, but be sure to check the temperature before you put it up to your eye!


First apply concealer to cover any dark circles, pimples, or redness. Then use foundation to even skin tone. Make sure to blend as to not have that dreadful orange line around the jaw. Next, set everything with some powder.

After powder, you can use either bronzer or blush. I suggest to play around with what look you like best, blush under bronzer or vice-versa. Or you can use just one and not the other.

Don't forget your brows! Whether you color them in or not, at least brush them up and out. Clear mascara is great at keeping them tame, or you can spray some hairspray on an old mascara wand.


Finally, your kisser. You can use foundation as a primer and a great nude base to really make color pop. If you wear liner, use it first to help keep lip color from straying.
How do you ladies wear your make-up? What are some tricks you use? Do you do your make-up in the same order as I do?
I love hearing from you, if you ever have a question please leave me a comment or shoot me an email!

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