Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Reader Question: Jeans!

My good friend and reader asked me "I would love your help with jeans... what should I buy? straight, flare, skinny?? Long enough for heels or short enough for flats, I always seem to get it wrong. Do you get your clothes tailored?"

Hi Jessica! Thanks for your inquiry, I'm so excited to help you out!

First, I recommend buying a dark wash because;
1) the dark color tends to make them look more expensive
2) they make everyone look slimmer
3) the dark wash is appropriate year round
4) they can go from work to the playground and then to a night out

Jeans can get expensive pretty quickly so I chose jeans that are all under $100. If you like name brand jeans such as J Brand, 7 For All Mankind, etc. I suggest going to Nordstrom Rack because you can always find a great pair for under $100 (that's where I get a lot of my pants).
As for style, skinny is really popular right now and will be for a while. Most of my jeans are skinny as well. However, skinny jeans aren't for everyone and with all fashion, you don't need to wear what's the trend, but what looks good on you. I believe that skinny jeans look best on legs that are already slender or are long, but look great on both curvy and skinny minny ladies. Here are some of my favorite skinny jeans:

The Skinny Jeans from American Eagle on sale for $34.95 (regularly $39.50) can be found here.

The Vigoss "Brooklyn" Skinny Stretch jeans for $54 available here.

Straight leg is also a great option if you like slim jeans and skinny isn't your style. Straight leg is also more versatile for more body shapes.

American Eagle Straight Leg, same price as the above Skinny ones available here. *Unfortunately this style is available online only.

Jolt Straight jeans for $24.90 available here.

I'm not a big fan of the flare jeans for myself, but they look great on lots of people! Here are some of my favorites.

American Eagle Skinny Flare on sale for $24.95 regularly $29.50 available here.

Vigoss Flare Leg for $54 available here.

If you're lost as to what jeans look best or what you like, a great one that looks good on nearly everyone is the bootcut. With this style, it doesn't matter if you tall or short and look great on a variety of women.

American Eagle Slim Bootcut on sale for $24.95 regularly $29.50 available here.

!iT Jeans "Hottie" Bootcut for $58 available here.

I know I featured American Eagle a lot, but I love their jeans! I have several pairs and know from experience that they last a long time, wash really well, and are the kind of jeans you can wear a few times before needing to wash them. Plus, the store is located at just about every mall so I thought they would be a good brand to feature.

As for length, it is a personal preference. I like my jeans to be a little long so they scrunch at my ankles when I wear flat but still look good in heels. My sister buys her everyday jeans to cut off at her ankle just above her flats and that also looks super cute. Remember, longer jeans also look cute when you cuff them and then they too can fall about your ankles. As for tailoring, I don't tailor my jeans even though I have a few pairs I'd like to alter...maybe I will do that and start wearing them again! Ha! Seriously though, most department stores will alter pants for free or a small charge when you buy from them. So those ultra flare jeans that look great on you can easily become a cute pair of skinny jeans or you can always have them hemmed for fit and preference.

When trying pants on make sure you take a few notes:

-Where does the waist hit you at? If jeans hit you at your widest part of your hips they can make your legs look short and your thighs ultra curvy.
-If you want a cropped style, avoid ones with a flare at the bottom- they make all legs look shorter than they are and are not flattering on anyone.
-Move around in them, do some squats, sit down, etc. If they're uncomfortable or don't move well, put them back and try a different pair on!
-Pay attention to the pockets! Do they flatter your tushy? The size and placement of pockets make all the difference.

InStyle also has a great "What's Your Denim Personality?" that's pretty fun and gives some great examples of celebrities wearing different styles of jeans different ways, here is some of the pics:




So, there you have it, my take on jeans. Do you agree? What kind of jeans do you lovelies wear? Where do you like to shop for denim?

If you have any other beauty, fashion, or anything else kind of questions, please feel free to ask in a comment or send me an email! I'd love to hear from you!

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