Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Transitional Look to Try


Doesn't Liv Tyler look so chic? I saw this and thought, "Oh what a cute outfit for work!". I think it would be so easy to pull of and is a great transitional outfit from winter into spring. Plus, you probably would be able to shop your own closet.

Just pair your favorite colored cardigan with matching tights, making sure to keep your dress and accessories minimal. I think open toed heel or ballet flats would look great and gladiator heels would add some edge to the outfit as well. Other colors that would also look good would be purple and green.

I've worn plenty of patterned tights to work, and although my boss makes fun of me, it is acceptable attire for our office. I once wore lilac lace tights and my boss and co-worker made fun of me, but I had two guys offer their numbers to me! I left for lunch and came back with a note that read "I like your tights, give me a call" ha ha.

What do you ladies think? Would you dare to wear such bright tights?

Here's some options on how to re-create Liv's look:

Black dress $22.80 available here.
Blue cardigan $19.99 available here.
Black Ruffle Zipper heel $24.20 available here.
Opaque blue tight $5380 available here.
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