Thursday, February 25, 2010

GG Spoilers!

1. This season (and parts of other seasons as well) Gossip Girl character Serena Van Der Woodsen has been on the hunt for her father. There's been some speculation as to who would play him, but with tons of paps hounding the set 24/7 we see that it's none other than Billy Baldwin!!

What do you think? Who would you have chosen? Personally, I think they should have picked someone a little more GQ like Alec Baldwin, Alexander Skarsgard (ok, he's a bit young, but so hot), Anderson Cooper (again, just because he's a fox), Jon Hamm, Hugh Jackman, or Colin Firth.

2. Serena and Nate will finally be a couple!

Who's your favorite GG couple? My pick is Chair (Chuck/Blair), but I think Nate will be a good pick for Serena, plus I'm hoping to see him shirtless.

3. One of my favorite ladies will be coming back! Michelle Trachtenberg will be on this season's finale!

I just adore her, she always looks so chic and her beauty is different from other Hollywood types (Ok, so I enjoy the fact that she has big eyes like me). Still, her character Georgina is a total badass, I love her drama. Isn't this picture of her and Jessica Szhor at Fashion Week so cute and stereotypical? I just love it!

PS GG has been renewed for season 4!! Yippee! The show will finally be back in two weeks on March 8 so mark your calendars and set your DVR!
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