Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Best Beauty Advice

1. Heat up your eyelash curler with your blow dryer for 5-7 sec (make sure to test it first so you don’t burn yourself) before curling your lashes. The results are life changing. I swear.
2. Put lotion on your body the first 3min you are out of the shower to really absorb the most moisture. Your pores are open from the hot shower and will help you get the softness you desire.
3. Then spray on your perfume! It will last longer with the stickiness from the lotion
4. Do you have a cowlick? I do, and I help it lay down by blow drying it flat in the direction I want it to go and then pinning it in place to cool. Hair “sets” as it cools, not just how it heats up (keep this in mind when curling your hair).
5. For a flushed look, put on your blush then apply a sheer powder on top. It will look like you just fell in love and are all glowy. I apply mine after I use liquid concealer so I’m still a bit sticky but not sticky enough for the powder to just glob all on one spot (this works for cream blush as well).
6. Oily but don’t have your powder with you? Use a toilet seat cover to soak up some oil. It’s nearly the same as those oil sheets, but they’re free. Yay for your wallet!
7. Washing your face with a basic wash cloth helps to remove grit and clean your pores. You will be amazed at the amount of makeup you’ll find after you’ve “washed” your face using just a face wash.
8. Clear mascara can double to tame both your eyebrows and fly away hairs.

9. I find that curls last longest when you curl from the top down and not vice versa. Place the curling iron where you want the curls to start and then start curling the hair into the iron a little bit at the time. When you're done, it will look a little Curly Sue, but hairspray and then brush out the curls using your fingers.
What's your best beauty advice? Please dish, I'd love to hear it!
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