Tuesday, August 4, 2009

For Vampire Lovers Everywhere

Two of the most popular shows right now (True Blood and Twilight Sagas in case you live under a rock) have really neat paraphernalia available!
First, True Blood's creators have made the vampire drink Tru Blood temporarily real!! No, it is not real blood, it is a carbonated blood orange soda you can buy in a 4 pack for $16 at truebeverage.com and according to the website, the soda is "All Flavor, No Bite"
I just caught up with the season last night and can't wait to see more of Godric and what will happen with MaryAnn. I've also decided the following:

1. This season is WAY better than last season, it has more of a storyline and is not just borderline porn.
2. Jason and Terry are still my favorite characters
3. Sarah Newlin looks like a cheerleader and I'm obsessed with her hair
4. Don't watch the show right before bed because you will have the most weird dreams ever

Don't miss this season's finale on September 18th!

As for Twilight (insert drum roll here), Jules Smith Jewelry designer Gina Nigrelli was inspired by New Moon and has created a new collection for the saga. The collection includes Bella's Good Luck Charm Bracelet ($20) and Jacob's Nemesis bracelet ($45)- this one is my personal favorite. Told to InStyle, Nigrelli said "Once I began reading the Twilight series, I quickly became engulfed in the love triangle and the mystical fantasy of the storyline. My obsession for vampires translated into a design inspiration. I wanted to share my devotion to these characters with my fans and there's no better way to celebrate Edward Cullen than with a New Moon collection featuring alluring fangs."
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