Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Loving These Looks

When does Posh not look good? Even when she wears weird stuff, I think she still looks great. There must be something about her....alien maybe? Or maybe it's just her team of stylists and make-up artists? I love gray, it goes with so much and can be worn year round. Her fedora is so chic too. Side note: little Romeo is so adorable- check out his teddy bear he's carrying!
I'm drooling over this look Emmanuelle Chriqui wore, the only piece I'm missing to recreate it is a blazer (but it is definitely going onto my shopping list). Plus her ponytail looks stunning.
Who else could rock acid wash denim like Ashley Tisdale?? Again with the gray too! AND she's sporting my new love (the studded purse)
However,'re beautiful. You always look stunning...however, your hair au natural is no bueno. Sorry, but the truth hurts.

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Amanda said...

Yeah, I am not loving Beyonce's hair either. Yuck. I always love Ashley Tisdale's style and there is definitely something alien about Posh!! Or just lucky.