Monday, August 31, 2009

My New Favorite Show (and Obsession)

It's On With Alexa Chung


It's a new talk show on MTV (weekdays at noon) and she is so fresh and hilarious! Her show is setup to have 3 interviews and a run through of celebrity news and new internet videos, and performances. The show also integrates Facebook and Twitter - fans get to ask the guests questions or dares. This is great because I believe that Alexa really cares about her audience and wants to include them in her show. Alexa also plays fun games with guests such as "Interpretative Dance" where the guests have on headphones and have to dance out a song and let the audience guess what song it is based on the dance, or "Will You Pet It?" where the guest is blindfolded and an item is described to them and they have to pet it and figure out what it is, "Truth or Dare" is another favorite as well. I like Alexa's great attitude, how she asks fun or unusual questions of her guests, her crazy hair, and I especially love her games. She's really funny, a model, vegetarian (she doesn't "eat anything with a face") and she's from Britain-I love listening to her accent and how she speaks. My sister and I spent all night Friday catching up on her show and laughed so hard! I recommend this show to everyone!
So far my favorite interviews have been Ashley Tisdale, Jim Sturgess, Daniel Radcliffe, and Cameron Diaz. You can check out more and Alexa's highlights here
Giving Harry Potter a makeover:
Playing "Will You Pet It?" with Ashley Tisdale
Cameron Diaz playing "Interpretative Dance"


Amy! said...

I am SO OBSESSED with her style.. She makes me want to color my hair brown and cut it shorter.. She has some rockin steeze!!!!!

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