Thursday, December 17, 2009

Any Good (EASY) Recipes?

(Aren't they adorable?! They're such wonderful people and have been a huge part of my life.)

Hi Everyone! I'll be visiting my Dad and Grandparents soon and my Grandmother no longer remembers how to cook (not even Jello, which she's made twice a week for the past 50 some odd years!) and my Dad and Grandfather have been living off ghoulosh and beans that they make at the start of every week- can you imagine?

So, for my visit, I would like to prepare some easy dishes for them while I'm there and make some ones to freeze for them to eat after I'm gone. I also want to give them some easy man-friendly recipes to keep and I'm looking at cooking books for first timers as well. If you have any suggestions for cookbooks or recipes, please send them my way! Feel free to email me too at
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