Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fall Fashion Buys for Ellie

Ellie has so much summer stuff, I'm not sure that we'll have enough hot days for her to wear everything that still has tags. I bought her a bunch of clothes, but she also got a ton of items for her birthday in May. This fall/winter is supposed to be pretty cold and wet after having such a dry and hot summer. This week we've had some record breaking temps and it's miserably hot. I've started to buy some colder weather outfits for Ellie and wanted to share them on the blog.
I love shopping at Carters for Ellie, I've mentioned that before on a previous post. I just love their clothing options, they wash well, they don't fade, and fit true to size. Plus, I love how they to mix and match so easily. They have some of the cutest stuff right now and I scooped some items up at their store and from Kohl's. They're always having great deals and I lucked out during their 50% off sale with an additional discount coupon I had.

 photo FallOutfits1Blend_zpsa90f097c.jpg

Polka dots, stripes, and cardis is what I've really been into for Ellie. I like to be able to layer her outfits and I love that these will all mix in with basics and each other. I've bought all 24 months for her and I expect her to wear them, if the temperatures drop, come October. I'm dying to see her in that gray top and leopard skinnies!

 photo falloutfits2Blend_zps3b2a7e61.jpg

Here are some single items I've picked up for her. That pea coat is just killing me! I can't wait for her to wear it! Last year, my sister got her the cutest red pea coat I ever saw and it was such a warm winter she only got the chance to wear it for 10 minutes. I was so bummed out because it was the absolutely to die for! I'm loving the fur boots too, they are so cute in person- Ellie gave them a hug when I showed them to her! We actually have these striped leggings and I had to buy another pair for this season, she wore them all the time last year!

What have you been buying for your little ones? Where do you like to shop for them?
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