Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

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This last weekend was also season opener's for dove hunting so Matt was out with his buddies and Ellie and I got the whole weekend to ourselves. I feel like the weekend went so quickly and I am so tired. I was very excited for Matt to come home because this mama could use a nap. Every night I went to bed so late and woke up at the crack of dawn to have tea parties with Ellie and watch Doc McStuffins. I bought the soundtrack to the show too and have been singing it all weekend. Every time the songs come on, Ellie does her dance moves and it's so cute. She is such a crack up! This is such a fun age and I'm so excited for the holidays this year with her. 

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On Saturday I headed down to San Diego with my brother in law for an Offspring/Bad Religion/Pennywise concert. It was so fun seeing the bands, Offspring played all of their Smash album in order. Hello highschool (and junior high)! The majority of the crowd was our age and it was packed. This was our second concert together and we had a blast! The family missed out on a great show!

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Sunday I did a trial run of hair/makeup for my friend's mom. She's getting married next month and asked me to help with getting ready. I was kinda nervous, but it turned out great! I'm so excited and she's going to be a beautiful bride. Our kids were hilarious to watch play together, the simplest of things are such entertainment. For twenty minutes, the kids would stand at the fireplace and we would countdown "3, 2, 1, go!" and they'd run off the edge laughing and clapping for themselves.  

Afterwards, my BFF came to spend the night and we went old school with pizza, candy, and movies. This was our favorite thing to do growing up and it was great to catch up. She recently moved back to town and I'm so happy to have her back. She was living up north for a few years and it was a few years too many!

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Then today, we celebrated my sister's birthday at the Hash House a Go Go and played at Balboa Park. Ellie had the best time eating the leftover potatoes and biscuits from brunch. It was hilarious seeing her with the large portions. We played Crimes Against Humanity and chased Ellie everywhere. 

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Daddy finally came home and we celebrated with dinner at In and Out. It hit the spot and was the perfect ending to an adventurous weekend.

How was your holiday weekend? Did you hit up any sales? I've bought a few things online this week and will post later about my purchases!

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