Friday, September 5, 2014

3 Little Things

So, there's a few things I wanted to talk about, but couldn't really find a post to share my random thoughts, so here's mish mash of randomness. There's so many little things I wanted to say or thought about posting, but instead of rambling (or boring you to death), I figured I'd pick 3 and call it a day.

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Best Show Ever!
I’m pretty sure I’m the last to hop on the bandwagon, but I’m finally watching and obsessing over Scandal. Hello Olivia Pope! I started watching it while on vacation two weeks ago and it’s such a great show. I can’t believe I haven’t caught onto it sooner. So many people watch, I’m always seeing statuses on Facebook about the epsidoes, but I just never had any urge to watch it myself. Now that I’ve started watching, I have to force myself to turn the TV off or I’ll be up all night long glued to the tube. I’m already on Season 3 and I’m dreading to get to the last episode. The fashion is amaze balls too, I wore the shawl collar cardigan from yesterday's Recent Purchase post and totally felt like her (except that I'm not nearly as chic).

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Essie Bahama Mama // Essie Chinchilly
It’s also that time of year when all you hear about is fall this, fall that, pumpkin spice everything. No joke, I hate it. First of all, I’m never ready for summer to be over yet. I’m ok with the heat cooling down, but I’m not ready to bundle up yet. This year it is especially annoying because I felt like summer slipped between my fingers. Even still, when I’m out shopping I’m still thinking about what I’ll get the most use of, what my closet needs for the upcoming months, etc. Last week I bought some goodies that are totally for cooler weather and while on vacation I bought two nail polishes that I’ll deem as fall appropriate. Oh, and I already bought Ellie’s Halloween costume. I guess this means I’m on the “It’s fall again!” train. I’m going to make it a conscious effort to ease into it and relish in the fall activities so that I don’t feel like fall/winter went as fast as summer did. Maybe I’ll make a Fall Activity To Do List to make sure. What’s your favorite season? Are you ready for pants and boots already?

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A sneak peek of Ellie's costume!
Ellie has been so much fun lately. She cracks me up from morning til night. I love making her laugh and being silly with her. She has become such a great cuddler lately, wanting to sit on my lap to play, puts her arm around me when we’re laying down, or leans against me when we’re side by side. I absolutely love it. The time with her has gone by so fast, so I’m soaking up every minute of her cuddles while she still gives it to me. I feel like she's changed so much in the last month or so, just so much of her personality has developed.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Any special plans?

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LOVE Olivia Pope!! :)