Thursday, September 18, 2014

House to Home: Master Bedroom

Since moving into our first house in March, I've been searching high and low for bedroom furniture. I absolutely hate our bedroom right now. The search has been on and we've decided to re-do the room next year with our tax return. Our biggest obstacle we've had is finding furniture we like! We looked at so many different retailers and everything was ho-hum or out of our budget. I've thought about just having what we like made even. I've bought a few items (3 things) for our room when it finally gets a make-over, but I've been dreaming of our perfect room for a while now and it's to the point that it's eating me up and I wanted to share some inspiration with you guys for what I have in mind.

Here's some of my Pinterest inspirations I've found:

 photo f3980575e9a7cd286e0227923cc77922_zps39537131.jpg photo fe9650a53b4696c61adc32cd9ba9581b_zpsd0e4600e.jpg photo f89f67a2467dc8c7ec88992f2a91dea5_zpsbe1d0f6f.jpg photo f9e13bf3cd5faf2f001aaf6c6d75ecce_zpsd91b334d.jpg photo e37bc83734d4ae2dfcf9a43f23c450c6_zpsf6056255.jpg photo 335be990d4261104ad5056170a69d84b_zpsa2e82768.jpg photo 8cbf6bddd2fe7f917eb4dde9e2a0a8bb_zps4c387768.jpg photo 2893ddf22884ce75205ed14ab3c0148c_zps0cc7d127.jpg photo 10ee43e5d9aace13e9fcc11878b0155c_zps762627ee.jpg photo 3b969841595f93f6590ebe1b57b1bd2f_zps1a0eaea4.jpg

What I picture for our bedroom is soft, neutral colors. Grays, white, and cream, and I'm thinking a bedding mix of white, gray, and navy? All through college I had an all white bed and I loved sleeping on what looked and felt like a giant cloud. In the Pottery Barn catalog, they had a bed with white sheets, a navy blanket, and a big comforter and I fell in love with it. I'm also wanting to paint our walls a white gray color. I want our room to be relaxing and bright, with a touch of rich textures.

 photo BedroomBlend_zps65453dae.jpg

Here are some of the items I've found recently online, but I'm hesitant to buy Target furniture. When looking at the display items at the store, some of them are well made and others are pretty cheap. Since we're buying all new furniture, I want to invest money in items that will last years and years. I bought that mirrored frame already and I'm saving it to put a picture of Matt and I in it from our family pictures we're having taken next month. I also love the look of mix matched side tables and I love mirrored ones, but I think it would be so hard to keep clean. Especially with Ellie's little finger prints everywhere!

What bedroom looks to you like? Where do you like to get bedroom furniture?
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