Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mini Ulta Haul

Last week, Ulta had 40% off select beauty brands, including Revlon and NYX. I went by there twice last week and they were nearly out of everything! There were a lot of products and colors I've been wanting to try that were completely sold out. It also gets to a point with shopping where you have to ask yourself, "Am I buying this because I love it or because of the price tag?". I mean, I really can only use so many lipsticks (on top of my disgustingly large collections of pinks) so I bought just the colors I've been wanting to try for fall.

Revlon Lipsick in Raspberry Bite
NYX Lip Pencil in Pinky
Revlon Lipsick in Wild Orchid
NYX Collection Noir Liquid Black Liner
NYX Matte Body Bronzer in Deep Tan

Now, don't let those lip colors fool you! They are definitely not true to color. I bought them after one of my blog icons, Julie from Gal Meets Glam, who is beauty and fashion perfection (see her post here on her fave lipsticks and check out their true colors!). I've already worn both colors to work and had nothing but compliments on them- even the hubs liked them! He doesn't like any lip color so that's huge. 

I also bought a bright pink liner, I had a nude and a red and needed something bright for my brighter lipsticks. Now, I wish I didn't have to sharpen it, I prefer the automatic liners, but at least sharpening it guarantees no germs. The NYX Matte Bronzer is a re-purchase, I usually get Medium, but they were all sold out so I'll probably exchange it later. I love, love, love how NYX has both shimmer and matte bronzers and that they come in an array of shades. The dark isn't too much darker than the medium when I test it on my hand, but I think the dark will be too much on my face. Then, finally, I bought NYX Liquid Liner after hearing so many reviews. I haven't tried it yet, and probably won't for a while because I literally just bought a liner like two weeks ago, so it will be a minute before I get to test it out. 

Other products and colors I wanted to try but skipped on was; Revlon Lipstick in Black Cherry, Siren, and Coralberry; NYX  lipstick in Louisiana, and eyeshadow in Taupe. Ulta was either out of them or I wasn't sure about the color, or it looked too similar to other shades I have. Again, I can only use and wear so many lip sticks and eye shadows a day.

Another thing I picked up that wasn't part of the sale is Sally Hansen Flirt, a beautiful deep burgundy color with a hint of shimmer. It's perfect for fall! I also want to pick up Essie Recessionista, but it's sold out everywhere I go. I think this may be a new fave fall color, check out MakeupAlley for a great color swatch. The color got rave reviews on the site as well. I've used it already on my toes and I'm obsessed with it. It's such a gorgeous color!

Did you swing by Ulta for their sale? I saw pics all over blogland and Instagram. What did you buy?


Chelsea said...

I have a coupon for Ulta that I plan on using soon and, thanks to you, I might have a few new items to grab :) I have become a huge fan of NYX. I think they have a great color selection!

Meg O. said...

I need to try that NYX bronzer! I am a sucker for a matte bronzer.

Kate @ Green Fashionista said...

Love that Raspberry Bite lipstick! Great finds!

Mrs. Williams {Persnickety Plates} said...

I'm happy to hear the bronzer review. My Too Faced is nearly out & I was thinking about trying NYX.

Anonymous said...

So bummed I missed that sale! I was in there the week before and got a few things though. I have been on the hunt for a great lip stain

Hannah said...

OMG!! I've been looking for a color like Flirt for fall. I'm totally going out and buying it today. I love Sally Hansen.

Frances @ It's Sew My Style said...

Those are some awesome goodies!! I wish I had known about the sale. Dang it! LOL