Monday, October 15, 2012

15 at Heart

So I was skimming through my DVR/Netflix queue and realized I'm a teenager at heart. Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of "adult" shows like Criminal Minds, Grey's Anatomy Sons of Anarchy and the other, but I realized I have a slight obsession with teen dramas. I just can't help it!

Pretty Little Liars
I've watched this show since the start and really love the characters and the fashion. I hate that they keep dragging out who "A" is and do NOT think this past season's finale had any true indications about who it really is. 

Gossip Girl
This one was a guilty pleasure for a while, but honestly, I'm glad it's the last season. I was kind of getting over it, it's the same plot over and over again (not that other shows aren't either). I just love Blair and what the characters wear. Plus, I love looking at how gorgeous Blake Lively it. 

The Vampire Diaries
I feel like I was the last one on the bandwagon for this show. I caught up with it last summer on Netflix and have been hooked since. Elena drives me insane, but I still watch it. 

If you've read my blog for a while, you'll already know that I love this show. The songs this season have been amazing and I love Kate Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker as guest stars. 

Just started watching it this summer when MTV had a crazy marathon and this show is HI-larious. Super witty and creative, it reminds me the most of high school. 

Teen Wolf
Another show I started this summer, but through Netflix. Holy moly the boys are dreamy! I actually like it better than Vampire Diaries too. 

The part that makes me laugh the most with this teen drama selection is that I didn't care about high school. I was on cheer, and dance, and had a boyfriend in high school, but I hated it. I moved to a new state sophomore year (which would have been my first year in high school, 9th grade is still junior high in UT) and I didn't fit in anywhere. I really only had one true friend all thru high school, who I still love and talk to all the time. Don't get me wrong, I had fun, but it didn't live up to any expections. Wait. Light bulb. Maybe that's why I watch the teen show? To live through them? Hmmmmm...
On the topic of TV, did you guys check out Nashville? LOVE. 

What shows do you like to watch? Do you watch a lot of teen shows too?
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