Thursday, October 11, 2012

Falling into Fashion

So it's already freaking October, but you would never know it in California. Last week the hubs and I were hoping for some cooler weather, but Mother Nature thought it would be hilarious to have heat in the tripe digits. Thanks lady!It's beginning to cool down here, but not by much. Now I'm not ready to bust out rain boots or anything and actually, I love the heat, but sometimes I wish I could just wear a light weight scarf...and maybe some boots. Anyways, here are some fashion ideas I've been drooling over on Pinterest for this season.

Leather Pants/leggings
 I really love this look and have had a pair of "pleggings" for a few years that I just wore them out last season and didn't get to wear them. Sad face. Then I found the perfect pair at Forever 21 (can't find on the site, but almost identical ones here) and can't wait to rock them. I think they're that item that you buy, don't wear for a while, then once you wear them they become a staple. How the girls above just wore them with neutrals make me crazy about them! Just swap your regular leggings for these babies for a fun and sexy twist.

Colored Denim
Hello! I think everyone is aware of my love of colored denim by now. Even though I don't own that many colors, I love this whole look for year round. I bought myself the perfect pair of maroon/burgundy pants from Target (these ones, but they don't have the color online) last weekend and I'm definitely wearing them 24/7 this fall/winter. I love how Christine wore hers in the first pic! Don't think just because the temp has dropped you gotta switch to darker colors though! No way Jose! Just mix in your crew neck sweaters and scarves and you're set!

Polka Dots 
Don't judge me friends, but I used to dislike polka dots. Eeeeek! I know. I was always a striped girl. They were always cute on other people, but I never picked them for myself. Now I'm a convert. For me, polka dots seem more like a spring/summer print, but these ladies look so chic wearing them for fall! I love how Lilly and Blair mixed theirs with leopard, so fun!

So, I know there's tons of great trends this season, some of which I'm more excited about then I have been about trends in past years. I did a post about shopping fall trends here that you can check out. These three things though are what I'm most excited about. What are you looking forward to wearing this season? Have you made any purchases yet?
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