Friday, October 16, 2009

MAC Gets Me Everytime

MAC's new holiday collection Magic, Mirth, and Mischief is out! It debuted yesterday, I pre-ordered some items and then had to get more. I successfully didn't buy nearly the whole collection when I pre-ordered, but somehow I got sucked in. I must be a beauty woman's dream; I love the beauty of all the colors, I somehow "need" this new lipstick because it's 1/2 shade different then all the 24 other pink lipsticks I have, I oooh and aaah at every new product- it's ridiculous.
Here's what I bought and my review:
MAC Eyeshadow Palette in Smoke & Mirrors
This is a great palette of gray/brown/mauve that are great for both day and night. I already received 2 compliments today on my eyeshadow- I think this might be my new everyday shadow with the dark black/brown taking me from day to night. You'll have to use your own brush because the one included is ridiculously small though. Overall A+.
MAC Lip Bag in Put A Spell On You Pink
Props for the super cute bag! As you know, I deemed the Dazzleglass life changing, this one is a nudish pink, and the lipstick is a pretty sheer pink with a gorgeous sheen- good by itself, great with the gloss. Plus you get a coordinating lipliner- how could I resist?
Finally, the MAC Face Kit in Fab-racadabra.
This is the perfect all in one; a golden bronzer, shimmer blush (one I think I already have though), and an iridescent highlighter.
For anyone makeup challenged this collection is for you. The best part about palettes is that they are already coordinated so you don't have to worry about picking colors that blend or are for your skin tone. The eye palette has 4 to choose from, lipstick has 2, and the face kit has 2 as well (there is also a lip palette, lash kit, 3 brush sets, along with nail polish, glitter pencil liners, and eye shadows duos. Another plus with palettes is that they're easier to carry around than a dozen pieces.
Have you checked out the collection? What's your favorite makeup? You can see the whole collection here.
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