Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Sunday Night Love

Every Sunday, my BF and I get together with his family and we all watch The Amazing Race . If you haven't watched it- then my friend, you are missing out! Last season was the first season I watched and after seeing a few shows, I thought to myself "Why didn't I ever watch it before???? This is incredible!" It's the only show that is unbiased- anyone can be on it! You see people from all over America, from different backgrounds, jobs, class, etc. Each team is made up of two people and it's so interesting to see the dynamics of them because some are friends, lovers, ex's, coworkers, family, whatever. They travel all over the world and compete in tasks that are related to the country or culture of the place they're in. The game is also about luck because a team could have a bad taxi driver, get wrong directions, or something they thought would be simple will be much harder than they imagined. This show has to be one of the most interesting shows I have ever seen on television. I suggest you check it out! You can meet the teams here and here.
So far I'm rooting for The Harlem Globe Trotters Herb & Nathanial, brothers Sam & Dan, and couple Meghan & Cheyne and I'm hoping that the poker players Maria & Tiffany get booted soon.
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