Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Do or Don't?

Now that it's fall, I'll be busting out my boots. This is the one of the things I look forward to the most about the rainy/snowy/extremely cold season. Last year, my roomie K and I were boot whores so I really have enough boots to get me through this season...rationally anyways. My must have though for this fall? Knee (or thigh) high boots! All of my boots at least go to just below my knee because A) I have long legs and B) mid-calf heighth really doesn't cut it on anyone.....anyone (so don't buy them!). This season, knee-thigh are the in thing.
I remember when I was young my mother had gray and black pairs and I thought they were the bomb. She was smoking when she wore them and I thought she was just the hottest. I loved trying them on too, even though my legs weren't long enough and wanting to be old enough to have my own pair.
Seen here on these lovely ladies, boots are a great to pair with short dresses, whether summer or winter. Boots are wonderful for taking your summer items into fall with a fabulous pair and a cute belt or jacket. Penelope definitely ups her otherwise casual outfit with her gorgeous pair, and Chlo takes her out for the evening.
What do you think of this boot trend? Will you buy a pair?
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