Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Frivolous Question

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If you could have any job for one day/week/year, what would it be? It has to be something completely frivolous- no saving the planet/people/animals, just an occupation that is fun. Of course, you would magically have the skill/talent/body/whatever to do the job to perfection.
Here are mine:
  • Go-go dancer in some hot spot club (how fun would it be to just dance all night and get paid?)
  • Morning news anchor (I would kill to be Regis & Miss K)
  • Ben & Jerry taste tester
  • Stylist to Gossip Girl or SATC
  • Victoria Secret Model for their annual December show (Dec. 1st this year everyone!)
  • Food/Movie critic
  • Singer (performing and shaking my thang a la Beyonce would be incredible)
  • Advice columnist

I had more earlier this morning on my 1.5 hr drive to work where I "live the American dream"...ahem. What are your ideas?

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