Thursday, July 28, 2016

#FreeToBe Bubble Painting with all® Free Clear

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Every summer, I love to get outside and enjoy the weather and outdoor activities we look forward to each year. It’s also the one thing I know can calm down a fussy or whiny child and is a sure bet to wear them out! Growing up, we always played outside and ate dinner nearly every night on the back patio and I love doing the same with the girls. Matt and I will have our friends over for a BBQ and set up our corn hole, chairs, and a blanket for the littles and spend the entire day in our backyard. I’m really going to miss these days when the summer is over!

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Something we’ve been enjoying a ton of is bubbles! For Ellie’s third birthday party we did a bubble theme and all the fun is still going strong! Emma just loves to watch them float around and Ellie loves to catch them with her butterfly net. It’s honestly one of my favorite things to do with the girls because we can do it at any time and it’s nearly a no cost activity. Since her party, we’ve been bubble painting like crazy! Today I wanted to share how to do it, using all® free clear detergent to get the best bubbles!

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- Mix 1 tsp all® free clear detergent with 1 C water, stir gently until soap is dissolved. I had to play with the measurements a bit, but this seemed the closest!

- Add a pinch of white sugar to help your bubbles last longer

- Add 1 drop of food coloring to create “paint”

- Mix food colorings to create different colors/shades

- Get to blowing and popping those bubbles!

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Ellie LOVES this activity! It’s fun and gives each of her artwork pieces something special and unique! It's something that gets us outside and while Ellie "paints" I'll blow non-colored bubbles at Emma. It's simple to make and is easy to clean up, which is a must for toddler activities.

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Everyone in our household has sensitive skin and we’re very careful with what soaps we use from top to bottom. We once left a blanket at a family member’s house who washed it for us before returning (so sweet of them!) and when Emma used it, she had a rash all over her! We had to re-wash the blanket in all® free clear detergent to make it safe again for her sensitive skin. When I was first pregnant with Eleanor in 2013, I was worried about choosing the right soaps and having everything ready for her arrival so we could snuggle her without worry. I did some research and found that all® free clear is the #1 Sensitive Skin brand and doesn’t contain any dyes, perfumes, or irritating residues.

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Since switching to all® free clear, I knew I could trust it with Emma’s arrival as well and I depend on it greatly since Emma has shown to have the most sensitive skin of us all. It's so nice not having to worry and being able to send her to daycare with bedding for her to sleep on. We love the all® free clear detergent and their all® free clear Mighty Pacs®, for a fresh scent and no fading color.  We pick up ours at Target, my favorite place to shop! Interested in continuing the conversation? Join the all® free clear community and connecting with parents just like you!
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