Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bookroo Subscription Review!

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Today I’m really excited to be sharing a fun and unique subscription box for your littles- Bookroo! Starting at $16.99,  you can choose three board books (ages 0-3) or two picture books (ages 3 and up), individually wrapped for your child! I thought that was such a cool detail, I know children love opening gifts and the excitement that comes from unwrapping a surprise to see what it is! Each one is wrapped in different paper too and we had a little note written on the inside of our box as well, which I thought was sweet. I love when companies put so much detail and thought into their products, it really warms my heart.

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Growing up, I was an avid reader and still love to read today. It’s something I want my children to enjoy and we often visit the library together, read several books every night as a family, and we love to add new books to our library. We add books to our library every birthday and holiday, it's such a great way to teach kids lessons and prepare them for life changes (i.e. sibling books when a new baby is coming soon, potty books when potty training). I went back and forth about which box to order, but decided to go with the board books so we could get Emma’s library growing and I knew that Ellie would still enjoy them. Emma didn’t have much of an attention span when we opened ours, but Ellie dove right in! She was so thrilled with opening each book and kept showing Emma what book they received.

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In our first box, we received Sassy's Zoom! Things That Go, a simple book with a single picture, what it is and the sound it makes. It's really cute, more of a "boy" book, but Ellie loves trucks and planes so we enjoyed it all the same. It's a great starter book for things and sounds. The second book was Sam Williams' Art Barn, the pictures were really cute, but we didn't care for the story. The third book was my favorite! I Love You Night and Day by Smriti Prasadam-Halls. The pictures were beautiful and I loved the rhyming story. Ellie and Emma enjoyed it too and I know we'll be reading it for a long time!

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I really love this idea and being able to add to the girls' library every month. I think it's a genius idea and the books are reviewed by several families before being chosen for a box. The subscription is meant to find special books for your littles rather than classics. Bookroo also offers the ability to switch between board books and picture books so you can get a nice mix. Thank you Bookroo for our first box, we loved it! If you're interested in trying a box for your family use KRILAW at checkout for $10 off!
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