Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Jord Wood Watch + Giveaway!

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Every morning when I get dressed, I put on a watch- I have to wear one. It’s a must-have accessory for me and I feel naked without it. Even if my battery were to die, I would still wear my watch out of habit. Watches are timeless pieces that you can wear for years and years and worth the investment. With the right care, even an inexpensive watch can last you a lifetime. At my office, I see people every day and always take note of their watches. I notice their size, band, style and if I see them regularly, if they switch them out as their day changes. What people choose in a watch can say a lot about them and asking them about it can make for a nice ice breaker as well. My Koa and Rosegold Wood watch from Jord has been a big conversation starter for me everywhere I go!

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Since it’s arrived, I’ve been wearing my Jord watch nearly every day. The Koa wood is gorgeous and the rosegold face is stunning. I love the balance it creates between masculine and feminine, it’s added a unique touch to my look each day. Each time I wear it, I always get asked about it “Is that a wood watch?”, “it’s mechanical?”, “I’ve never seen a wood watch before!”. A few weeks ago I was wearing it for a family lunch, and my cousin and uncle kept eyeballing it, they both love watches and said they needed to add a wood watch for their own collections.

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Jord has beautiful watches in a variety of styles, wood, and faces so I know there’s one for you! Click HERE to be entered into a drawing to win $75 towards a watch of your choice, and even if you don’t win, you’ll receive a $20 e-gift card for entering! How cool is that? The contest starts today through 08/02 at 11:59pm, so don't miss out!

Wooden Watch Review
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