Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Recent Purchases + #NSale

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Yay! My #nsale buys have arrived! Oh wait, I only bought ONE DANG THING from the sale. Everything sold out so quickly! I can’t believe it, next year I’m not gonna wait and instead buy all the things immediately. I did however, manage to buy a boatload of MAC (check out my fave lipsticks post) beauty products that I could have bought at anytime during the year. That’s just how life goes sometimes.

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These booties are a dream! I literally woke up at midnight and added them to my cart as soon as the sale started! I’m so glad I did too, because they sold out so quickly, and since I wear a size 10, there’s typically less of my size in stock. They are so pretty and soft in person and have nice cushioning inside so they should be comfortable for a full day of wear. I’m so happy I bought them, I can’t wait to wear them with skinnies and dresses. I would also really love to add some ankle height flat booties (maybe these?) to my closet too, they had a few pairs included in the sale, but all of them had sold out during early access.

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I was so excited about these sunnies, they’re a gorgeous blue and I thought they would be a sure thing. The color and shape are super cute and they were totally perfect, however, they just dominated my face and I ended up returning them. I’m so bummed they didn’t work for me. That’s the biggest drawback to online shopping, you never know how things will fit! Clothing is a bit easier sometimes if you’ve bought that brand before or if there’s a lot of reviews in terms of sizing, but not much can help you with the fit of sunglasses.

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This palette is so pretty!! The shades blend so beautifully together and are a really great mix of neutrals, making it super versatile for different skin tones and events. I’m not sure if I would call this a Holy Grail palette just yet (I want to play with it some more), but it is absolutely fantastic if you’re just starting out. It has fifteen eyeshadows, four permanent shades and four re-promoted shades. I think it’s more versatile than some of my other palettes in terms of every day shadow looks for me, I think I’ll wear more of these colors than I do in other palettes I own- 12 of 15 shades instead of 7 of 12, for example. The pots are full size, so it’s an amazing price point for the amount of shadows you get, and much more cost efficient than building your own palette through MAC.

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Springsheen // Dollymix Blushes
So in my Currently Craving post I talked about how I’ve been wanting Lovecloud or Peony Petal and when I checked them out in person, they looked like every other pink blush I owned. If you’re new around here, I own a million pink blushes that all range from light pink, bright pink, cool, warm, blue hued, etc. The colors are gorgeous, but seemed too similar to my faves Pink Swoon and I’m A Lover. Instead, I ended up going with Springsheen, a beautiful pinky peach shade with a golden pearl finish and Dollymix a bright candy pink. Yes, I own a ton of pinks, I just said that, (dramatic pause), but this one is much brighter and has shimmer, where as my other pink blushes do not. SHIMMER guys, I obviously needed it. Honestly though, I felt that it was different enough to add to my growing pile of blushes. Springsheen is beautiful and almost has a highlighter built in, when I wore highlighter with it the first time, my cheecks were like “BAM! Look at me!”. Between the two, I thought I’d be wearing Dollymix every day, but I have found myself reaching for Springsheen more and more. It’s seriously a lovely shade that blends so prettily on the cheeks.

 photo D1C5F593-6BD0-4FDF-ADBA-AB981F272EFA_zpscjmah824.jpg photo 35E0205A-EBA9-446E-A9A3-DF0C4134E53D_zpsuyi0n0xc.jpg

A few weekends ago, I went through my makeup drawers and cleaned out under my sink and found 12+ MAC products that were empty, expired, or haven’t seen the light of day in I don’t know how many years. If I’m not going to use a bright purple eyeshadow, I may as well turn it in for a pretty nude lipstick right? Pure Zen has been on my radar for a while, it’s a frost warm nude and a lot of my lipsticks are a pink/nude color and I loved that this one had a peach nude feel to it with just a hint of pink. Crème D’Nude is a peach nude as well, but I think it’s more nude than peach and is a warm enough color to keep it looking like concealer or giving me “dead” lips. I’ve been wearing them both a ton and I’m happy to add them both to my beauty drawer.

How did your #NSale shopping go? Did you score a ton of great stuff? I literally just bought this top after stalking it daily, I can't believe it came back into stock! I'm so excited, I know literally everyone has bought it, but I can't help myself when it comes to stripes. They're such a staple item for me and so easy to wear and layer. Did you miss out on anything? Keep checking back!
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