Monday, August 8, 2016

A First Birthday Garden Party

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Well guys, the day has come and gone. My littlest baby, Emma, turned one and I still can’t stop crying about it. Didn’t I just announce that we were expecting her arrival? Wasn’t I just sharing my hump day bump day pics? Didn’t I just bring her home? Ugh, the agony. Time is so dang selfish! Ok, I’ll stop the pity party to get on to the fun garden party we had to celebrate her.

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Since I first started thinking about Emma’s birthday, I knew I wanted to do a garden party theme with soft pinks and a relaxed vibe. She is just the easiest baby, so sweet and always smiling and I wanted the party to reflect that. We’ve also had a bit of a floral theme throughout her first year with her nursery, monthly photos, and clothes I’ve leaned towards when shopping for her so a garden party was an obvious choice. We invited just our families to celebrate her big milestone, which still makes over 30 people, and since it was a small gathering, it was nice to really sit and visit with every guest. It's so easy when you're hosting a party to be so busy that it feels like you didn't get to really talk to anyone. I loved that we were able to enjoy the party and catch up with loved ones. We even stayed up till 230 with a few of my cousins just chatting and eating late night pizza around our fire pit. It was a great end to a perfect day!

 photo E11EC19D-F1D3-4E24-8194-0FE87A5929CB_zpsiu8p08we.jpg photo 6B3BD269-E262-4674-B9F4-17479668F0FC_zpsqup6qunt.jpg photo 10A28627-4EEC-45C1-A170-9239B5A37B5E_zpsemnhyjam.jpg photo BEE2342F-2A17-4F2A-8A12-753F5EDADA28_zpsd3ammx73.jpg  photo 22343CA0-E725-4CD6-8789-D226DEC98491_zpsck7sicjx.jpg photo E29C3FF4-7A24-46A6-8D5C-C4BB9066878A_zpsbeloy89f.jpg photo 2D47F606-AAF5-461B-907D-31822FC9718B_zpsyoscigjw.jpg photo 483501B5-2D4D-40C2-8B46-635AF7F1661A_zpskmdjbb0u.jpg photo EA390CBA-E3A2-45BF-B062-94CFB29C618D_zpsnhxkera8.jpg photo 099E72D8-891A-4611-832C-CD81F7D962AF_zpsik3zqqa3.jpg

At parties, I always like to know what people serve at parties and this year we kept it simple with sandwiches, fruit, veggies, broccoli salad, potato salad, and various chips and dip. Dessert was vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with white frosting and sugar crystals. They were so yummy! For favors, we had pink chocolate dipped rice krispie treats (with pearl sprinkles!) wrapped individually for our guests. I'm glad I made extras because nearly everyone wanted to take one or two extra home. We had them at the dessert bar at Eleanor’s first birthday party and they were gone in minutes so I knew everyone would enjoy them. We set up seating outside, had a bounce house, our guests played cornhole, and we just talked, ate, relaxed, and had a great time!

 photo 1F623F50-B59A-4B4D-80F9-4DA4F85FFB3B_zpshbzjxwtu.jpg photo FFB791B6-09E2-49BD-B6B6-439E1BD89600_zpsdk5nf9mj.jpg photo E9A2A1E8-C640-478A-A6DA-A0A798E39825_zpsnsivbdms.jpg photo 7F1346A0-F1CF-49C1-BEA3-95203B21B486_zpshws7s9bx.jpg photo A969877B-B9CF-4FD3-A308-0DE0BD0CD1E6_zpsui2iwwv3.jpg photo B4D87210-0C8F-4E77-9F7C-CB32321CEE4B_zps2kufeasn.jpg photo DF49B4D4-6478-4F43-B515-70DDD46155A2_zpsyuy5b4ii.jpg

Emma didn't care much for her cake, even after sissy showed her what to do! We put some on her lip, but I think there were too many eyes on her for to check out the cake for herself. It was so cute and she smiled so big when we sang happy birthday! It was really a beautiful day and the party turned out fabulously.

For her party, I partnered with some really great shops for decorations. Without them, the party wouldn't have had the same feel and I just love how everything looked! The toppers, balloons, florals, everything was beautiful and I saved them for keepsakes or for future decorations in Emma's room and the girls'  playroom. They were all a dream to work with and helped make her party a success!

Floral Headband // Floral Highchair Garland – Enchanted Bow Shop
Tissue Garland// Emma is One Balloons – LoveGarlands
Cake Topper – Rustic Daisy Designs
Cupcake Toppers // Happy Birthday Emma Banner – Good News Lane Get 15% off using EMMA15
Felt Flowers (used for photo clips) – Wholesale Bow Supply
“One” Highchair Garland – Sugar Daisy Doo
Moss Table Runner – Amazon
Pinwheels – Hobby Lobby
Chalkboard signs – Amazon (from our wedding!)

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