Wednesday, August 17, 2016

OOTD: Falling for Floral

Happy Wednesday!! Hope you're week is going well, I'm still recovering from the weekend and I'm fine during the day, but am so tired when my alarm goes off! I should probably be in bed now, but I'm catching up on Big Brother!! Paulie, what are you doing? I'm totally team James and Natalie! Are you watching? Who are you rooting for?

 photo B19614CB-5736-4BBE-B17C-152752845BE5_zpsueexxspk.jpg
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Dress c/o Journey Five // Booties

I've recently stopped pumping at work (still nursing during the night) so dresses have been happily welcomed back into my life!! I've always been a dress girl, they're so easy to wear - one piece of clothing and done, plus they're easy to transition into different seasons. Bare legs in the summer, leggings or tights in the winter.  I'm always looking for modest dresses to wear to both church and work and fell in love with this gorgeous floral one from Journey Five! It's the perfect length, the skirt is fully lined, and it has sleeves! Yay! Why do so many dresses to have sleeves? I don't get it! I loved wearing this dress and felt so pretty in it, the print is gorgeous and it was so comfortable!!
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