Thursday, June 9, 2016

Ellie's Bubble Bash!

My little girl turned 3 at the end of May and we celebrated her birthday over Memorial Weekend with a huge party, lots of food, and even more fun! I had been planning her birthday for a few months, bought decorations, planned out the food and activities only to ditch it completely a month before. Craziness I tell you!

We decided to ring in the big 3 with a bubble bash! It all started with the adorable invitations from ElementDStudio. I fell in love with her invitation and the theme had more range for fun and creativity. I would think of one thing and then another, and then another. I like parties that are fun, relaxing, and have just enough to keep everyone entertained with activities people can do at their own pace. We had about 60 people (including kids) at the party so it was a pretty big party, but a ton of fun! It was definitely less stressful than her first birthday party, I've learned to start early and keep the DIYs simple.

 photo 055_zpsmz5vpnde.jpg photo 058_zpsaut4rsoq.jpg photo A52B62CD-4BA0-4A83-B287-516A948C80C5_zpsksqp6jeh.jpg photo 014_zpshzwfj1bx.jpg

I had ElementDStudio create matching coloring pages from the invite to use for bubble painting. It was so much fun! A drop or two of food dye in bubbles and voila! It's such a fun activity and something different for the kids to enjoy. I picked up these cute craft aprons for the kids to wear to protect their clothing and the colors matched great with our bright theme.

 photo 96DB28EE-EB04-4A53-9AE9-A4B7E278828F_zpswtgwcbaw.jpg photo 5EB65278-D97C-4A8A-9784-3752C97A99A4_zpshsqu1plp.jpg photo 890345EA-BCFC-4AC9-A71C-40C620733083_zpsydg9fpkc.jpg photo 008_zpshhum05ef.jpg

These fun popcorn boxes were at the Target $1 spot and I knew I had to get them! The tables were covered in different colors and matched with different boxes. I picked up some flowers in the morning from Costco, used some tin cans from IKEA for snack mix, and filled small cups with bubble gum.

 photo BF148351-E082-4BB1-95E0-3EA3DDBBA019_zpsza3us3ng.jpg photo B16D0BE4-6BCC-4352-B16F-72A7F7F7687D_zpszyemzkki.jpg photo 165A59F8-F9A3-4F67-8B52-6D26EE362177_zpswmtrevgz.jpg photo 68001325-BA9C-4F5C-8884-C9A40DEE4489_zpspsczkwg3.jpg photo 5F5F6A61-44CA-46AC-B137-505747DFA2CC_zpsxd8oee5b.jpg

We also had a big bubble station for the kids with a ton of different wands (I bought two sets of these and picked up some more at our dollar store). For favors, the kids each got a bubble set with a net to catch their bubbles (it was awesome with our bubble machine) and ElementDStudio created matching tags "Thanks for POPPING over and making my party BUBBLICIOUS!" They were my favorite touch!

 photo 2AD46A0C-79F2-41A1-A440-BD2D20335A89_zpsgjxexn3o.jpg photo 7D50A386-F518-4C87-8B28-A5C846300020_zpsafok7i7b.jpg

A few days before, I thought it would be a great idea to make a photo backdrop and it turned out really great for being a last minute craft. Matt had built the PVC pipe stand from a previous party and I used $1 table cloths and garlands I already had. It turned out so cute and I love it in all of our pics! I'll definitely be doing it again for Emma's birthday at the end of summer.

 photo 3DF6BCAC-52E7-4FBF-8733-4E140BD6865A_zpsthjfuitj.jpg photo 5b8a9d1a-311e-4c33-8a1c-1036709d0036_zpsgedwmkbe.jpg

For food, I made tissue poms (so easy!) and balloons for decorations and we served pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw, watermelon, and baked beans. Matt had been making the meat since the day before and it was so tender and juicy! ElementDStudio made matching food labels as well.

 photo 079_zpsip9kyak0.jpg photo 075_zpsbetulrni.jpg

Danielle of Pretty Posh Shoppe made Ellie the cutest hat and cake banner! She's made a hat for Ellie every year and I've kept all of them as a keepsakes. They're adorable and perfect for the birthday girl!

 photo 0ADF080A-AD4A-45E7-8ACC-2F8438D99C7B_zpskywedgwo.jpg

I just wanted to give a HUGE shoutout to Marin from ElementDStudio! Marin was so easy to work with and made all my party dreams come true with the invites, coloring pages, food labels, and favor tags. I love all the colors and they helped bring together our theme so well. They added such a nice touch to the details and I couldn't be happier with her work! If you're planning a party, definitely check her out! It was nice to have one shop to get all matching items to pull the party together.

We had so much fun celebrating her big day! Last year, we just had a small family party and plan to only do big parties every other year instead. It was fun to go all out for her, she was so excited and talked about her "happy" for weeks!! Thank you so much to all our friends and family who came and celebrated with us!
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