Monday, June 13, 2016

Our Weekend

This weekend seemed so short to me, but it was filled with lots of quality time. Since adding Emma to our family, Matt and I have tried to focus on having more quality time as a family. Anything can be made into quality time, even just folding clothes together! It's just trying to put more thought and intention in your actions and conversations. We didn't do anything crazy or big this weekend, but it was really relaxing and nice. Just like everyone else, I feel like we're always on the go and I love when time seems to slow down and we can enjoy each other's company more.

 photo 5C5FC9A5-9CCD-4A4F-8FFB-455ECAB94844_zpsep4av2yd.jpg photo 4B4C6E5E-BFA8-4CEA-9DDD-322EF20CF04E_zpsykrl9fcn.jpg

Friday night after work, dinner, and putting Emma down, Ellie, Matt and I played for so long with some of Ellie's birthday toys. She has a few toys that have small pieces that we can't have out with Emma around so she doesn't get to play with them all the time. We had so much fun playing Don't Break the Ice, playing pretend with her doll house, and playing with her Lite Brite. It's crazy how I played these same games as a child and get to do them again with my own children. If you're looking for some fun toys for 3 year olds, Ellie loves these toys and it makes for some fun family nights. We also love Hungry, Hungry, Hippos too!

 photo 6180ABE8-ED0C-4FE1-932F-266AFD1F6DE0_zpscdj45zlm.jpg

Saturday I had to work, but met up with Matt's family afterwards for some BBQ and swimming. We have some family in town for the week and we had a blast hanging out together! I love days we spend in the water, it's what summer is all about! Plus, my girls love being in the pool (poor Emma had to just be a spectator since she still has her cast for another week) and always guarantees a good night of sleep for everyone.

 photo 1C86B766-8F60-425C-A6C4-DE740E9377B2_zpshwyiydhj.jpg

These palazzo pants are my favorite (from Jane back in April, but I've seen them since on there!). I seriously love them and the print is so gorgeous! I've only ever worn them with a white tee and I thought I'd switch it up with a striped one (similar here and here both for under $10!). It was kind of busy and I wasn't sure how I liked it at first, but I ended up loving them together! It's not for everyone and I'm not sure how often I'll wear them together, but it was fun.

 photo 82B45002-7A62-4B28-B4FB-143DE8D1155E_zpsidjdydmx.jpg

Sunday, we just relaxed all day. I went to bed with every intention of going to church in the morning but we just didn't make it. Ellie slept in late (which NEVER happens) and we just had the laziest day. I even took an hour nap!! It was a Sunday miracle I tell ya. After everyone's nap we just did stuff around the house, put some Taco Soup on the crock pot and met up with some friends for a park date in their neighborhood. It was a perfect Sunday with my favorites. Don't forget you can get 15% off your Cheerily Co order using LOVELIPSTICKANDPEARLS15 at check out thru Wednesday June 15!! We love our snuggle tees, they're extra soft and fit perfectly!

Have a great Monday! Thanks for stopping by!

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