Sunday, June 26, 2016

Our Weekend

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This weekend started out like every other with morning swim lessons! Ellie is such a little fish and is doing really well in class. Sometimes she gets silly and wants to play, but we've been working with her on listening. She is really close to moving up to the next class level and we've been working with her on gliding and pushing off the step to the ledge and keeping her eyes in the water while kicking. I think she'll be there really soon!

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After swim we ran some errands as a family and came home for some QT as a family. The girls have been playing so well together and I snapped this cute pic of them in the playroom. Emma just adores Ellie and wants to be near her all the time and watch/copy what she's doing. Ellie is an awesome big sister too, she's really rocked the role. On a sidenote, this playroom is out of control. I need to go through everything and rotate the toys and do a major purge for donations.

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Saturday night we headed out with some friends for the Angels game. We had amazing tickets in the Diamond Club behind home plate. Since Saturday marked exactly 6 months til Christmas, Angel stadium was completely decked out in holiday gear. All the workers had ugly sweater Angel hats, there was Christmas carolers, elves, baby reindeer, giant wreaths, and Christmas music! Santa even pitched the first ball! It was awesome! We had so much fun too and it was nice to get a some time with our friends.

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Sunday we had a birthday party at a park for our dear friend's first birthday! It was at a new park near our home and I can't wait to take Ellie back to play. They had these steps that went across the playground that wiggled and Ellie was so nervous to do them, but I worked with her a few times and then she was nearly running across them before we left! I love watching her overcome her fears and build her self-confidence. She was so proud of herself and started doing it in all different ways and clapping for herself, it was awesome. She is just the cutest and so much fun. She kept saying "Mom! Watch! Me big!!". I just love her.

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After the party we met up with our date night friends for a BBQ and some swimming. We had a nice spread for lunch and it was so delicious! Chicken, artichoke (she made the BEST dip for it too!), pasta salad, fruit, and cheesy potatoes. It was so good, my mouth is watering thinking about it. Their community has an awesome 1ft kid pool and the girls LOVED it! Emma could stand in it with her float and move wherever she wanted to go, Ellie worked on kicking and is loving her goggles (cutest thing ever), and dragged Emma around all over. It was so fun! I know we'll be getting together a lot this summer with the kiddos.

Now, we're relaxing and catching up on Big Brother- who else watches???, and eating Oreo Mint milkshakes. It's been a perfect weekend and I love being able to spend so much time with my family. Hope you had a great weekend too!
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