Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Our Weekend...

This past weekend was so much fun and we got home late Sunday night, I didn’t get to write about it before hitting the sack. I love weekends that are spent with the people who are most important to you. After spending the little free time we get outside of work relaxing and laughing with friends and family, I feel so rejuvenated and ready to take on a new week come Monday morning. This sounds so mushy, but it really makes my heart full to spend time with those I care about and who are a large part of my life and who I am as a person, wife, mother, and friend.

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I had to work a few hours Saturday morning and afterwards we ran a few errands and then headed down to Matt’s parents house for the night. We took them out to sushi, they’ve been a few times before, but are still wary of it. We ordered a few different rolls for them to try and they really enjoyed it. The restaurant had a “stream” under the floor that was filled with huge Koi fish and Ellie was obsessed with them.

 photo 6FBDAEF7-96A3-468F-A5E4-22CBC846F814_zpsrgjcnjll.jpg

After a while, she was over it so I took her outside to play and walk around. All of us were to stuffed after eating so much fish and rice, but we still had plenty of room for some DQ Blizzards! Ellie was in heaven eating all of ours and seeing what she liked best. She couldn’t down it fast enough and we were all happy to share. Kids and ice cream- it’s the cutest thing in the world! While there, I ran into a good friend from my previous work position and it was so great to see him. It’s such a small world and I really miss my old team, they were so great to work with. When we got home and put Ellie down from her sugar high, we watched American Sniper, but I of course fell asleep for the last hour of it. I swear, if there’s a movie on, I can’t keep my eyes open to save my life no matter how badly I want to see the film.

 photo D36D2D32-3154-4424-8024-5034B953E642_zpsgnp7tjtz.jpg

Sunday morning, we woke up and headed to the same park we had our wedding pictures taken for some family/maternity pics. My sweet sorority sister Alexa, who took Ellie’s newborn/3month/6month/9month pics met us as our photographer. It was great to see her and catch up about her upcoming wedding. The weather wasn’t ideal in the morning, but with scheduling, it was really hard to find a day that would work with the timing of the sunset (ideal for pictures) so 830 am it was! It was still a great morning, a little overcast and my hair got a bit fuzzy from the moisture in the air, but I think our pictures turned out great. I’ll be sharing more of them in a future post.

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After pictures we headed back to Matt’s parents house. We celebrated Father’s Day early because his parents will be on a trip and we won’t get to celebrate with his dad on the actual holiday. So we just relaxed and started on the food. We blew up a kiddie pool for the kids since it would be a hot day and Ellie barely got out of it all day long. She is such a little fish and had so much fun with her cousins.

 photo 08effbc3-fb65-4b68-b547-841baf699189_zpsjxn7irvv.jpg photo 9bb109d3-d1d0-4647-ab11-3673c5338ca8_zpsp5mwh6iz.jpg  photo IMG_2423_zpstmcw91vz.jpg 

My girlfriends threw me a sprinkle for the new baby. It was a small group and we had so much fun together. It was set up beautifully, we had delicious food, and it was a wonderful time. It was relaxing and fun being able to spend time with each guest over our lunch and play a few games (I Never and Cards Against Humanity- perfect games for the crowd!). I’m so grateful for my circle of friends, we really have been such a rock for each other over the past 10+ years.

After the sprinkle, with a full heart and belly, I headed back to Matt’s parents house to spend some time with everyone before going back home. It was such a great weekend and I’m so thankful for my friends and family and that we are able to get together with them so often.
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