Monday, June 29, 2015

Our Weekend

This weekend was so busy! On Friday we took dinner to our friends who just had their first baby. It was so great visiting with them and snuggling their little girl. She is absolutely beautiful and precious! She's so small, I can't believe it's just over a month before our own little one will be here too. It was fun to talk with her mom about all the new mom stuff and the funny things you forget about when they're so little.

 photo 11E72DDE-9345-40F3-8391-21E685246B20_zpsl1bygaaw.jpg

Saturday morning started off early with swim class and Ellie did so good! It was probably her best class yet and a lot of fun. She's getting really good at floating on her back (with help from us) and loves to jump into the water. After class we ran some errands and stopped for Starbucks. We were just going to pick it up and keep going, but Ellie wanted to sit and have her milk and it was really nice to relax and enjoy our drinks and a chocolate croissant.We are always on the go, go, go and I really enjoyed taking 20 minutes to just sit and talk. Ellie was so funny and is talking up a storm. She has the best stories and hand motions for them.

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After our errands we picked up our niece and nephew for a sleepover and it was crazytown, in a good way! They all had so much fun and played nonstop. We ended the night with pizza, warm cookies, and The Book of Life movie. I love that Ellie is so close with her cousins and they live only 10 minutes away and can get together all the time.

 photo 015A3456-5FC0-40CA-9F04-34B1B995F636_zpsa5ob6yrn.jpg

Matt worked on house stuff all weekend too, painting Ellie's big girl bed- we put it up last night, more details to come! He changed out our lights in the kitchen and dining room, worked on the yard, and more. He is such a hard worker and really doesn't know the meaning of relaxation. I'm sure if we went on a vacation he would fix something at the hotel. I, on the other hand, took advantage of Ellie's nap and gave myself a pedicure and watched a Lifetime movie- Perfect High with Bella Thorne (so good). Just a polish change really, with this big belly it is not as easy to do all the dirty work. I'll definitely be getting a pedicure this next month.

 photo A002D18B-8E4F-42EB-B80A-D99DCFBC2D82_zpsqbru2uz3.jpg photo C495D4D1-9B44-487C-841F-B6C0234A506F_zpsh4zmshpj.jpg

When Ellie woke up she insisted on brushing her teeth, she's so obsessed with brushing and flossing, and it's probably a fluke, but a fluke I love! After she was finished we headed out for some bedding for her bed and other little things we needed (like Swedish Fish). She refused to take off her princess nightgown, so I just slapped a bow on it and headed out. You're only little once right?

It was another great weekend for the books and I can't wait for this holiday weekend! 4th of July is one of two of my favorites holidays (the other being Easter) and I plan on spending the entire day in the pool and eating my weight in watermelon.

Hope you had a great weekend! Happy Monday!
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