Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Baby 2 Bumpdate: Week 30

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29 Weeks 4 Days

Goodness gracious there's only 10 weeks left! I have so many emotions knowing that she will be here so soon- excitement, fear, anxiety, love, and so on. Then, with having a c-section it's really only 9 weeks!! That's just over two full months, I gotta get on my to-do list asap. We need to paint and set up the nursery this month and get Ellie into her big girl bed (which is going to be a nightmare, details below).

So here are some updates from the last two weeks (I didn't get a chance to post last week):

- My hips have started to expand and it hurts. I remember my hips aching so badly with Ellie, but a slim pillow and some Tylenol when needed are life savers and take care of the pain. It's not every day or night like I had with Ellie so I'm thankful for that. 

- Little miss is moving so much! My stomach does all kinds of weird moves and makes different shapes, I love feeling her and miss this feeling when it's gone. 

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Top // Shorts (hand me downs, similar here) // Sunnies

- Ellie is so cute, she takes her gummy vitamins everyday and reminds me to take my prenatals (she even came upstairs with her vitamins to tell me to take mine when Daddy gave her her vitamins). Then we cheers our vitamins together and she smiles so big. It's one of my favorites daily routines.

- We read big sister books every night before bed (sometimes repeatedly), in the book it says how big sister's sleep in big sister beds and babies sleep in cribs. When we asked her if she was going to give her crib to the baby she gave me the death stare and said "No! Mine!". We've brought it up a few times since and she always has the same response, if looks could kill we'd all be dead. I'm hoping that once we have her big bed and room updates altogether at once and surprise her she'll feel differently, but we'll see. Maybe this is like the paci and she'll do better than I expect?

 photo 8167A7A4-9213-44CD-AF37-E1A5907ACABF_zpsounr9b8a.jpg

- I did a bikini bump shot with Ellie and figured I'd share one again this time around. To be honest, I cringe a little bit to share this and full disclosure... I used the blemish feature from Photobucket on my thigh's cellulite. You're eyes can thank me later.

 photo FE52E7B1-A16D-43B3-9EC9-5063F7ACFFEB_zpsdnxrtml5.jpg

-  I am so ridiculously excited about this car seat cover. RIDICULOUSLY excited! I love that it keeps crazies from peeking at your little one, the fabric is super soft, AND it also doubles as a nursing cover! Hello! I love products that serve double duty. I've heard nothing but great things about these covers from mamas and I'm thrilled to have one. Will definitely be doing a review once little one arrives.

Hope you're having a great week, thank you for reading!
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