Monday, June 1, 2015

Our Weekend

On Friday, Ellie turned two and I couldn't believe how incredibly fast these last two years have gone by. It makes me sad to know how fast my time with her as a toddler, child, preteen, teen, then adult will go. I've absolutely loved this age and wish I could bottle it up and keep it forever. I had to stay home from work that day due to doctor's order to relax (everything is ok, I think I just over did it on Thursday when I was cleaning/prepping our house for the weekend).

For her birthday, we met up with my SIL and niece for donuts and took the girls to a jump house nearby. It was nice to relax and catch up while we watched the two girls giggle and hold hands and just absolutely enjoy every minute with each other. After that, Ellie and I did some cuddling on the couch and watched Despicable Me and relaxed until dinnertime. Matt and I took her to Chick Fil A and headed to bed early after. It was his first time going and now he's hooked. We talked about their Chick Fil A sauce (and their lemonade for me) all weekend!

Saturday morning we headed out for Ellie's swim class, it was just her second one and I had to miss her first lesson due to work. She was so so cute and I probably looked like an idiot smiling the entire time as I watched her and Matt in the pool together. She is such a natural (her daddy was on swim, water polo, and worked as a life guard so it's no surprise) and one of the moms there commented about good she is in the pool and asked how long she has been in lessons. I was so proud of her! The class is adorable and only has 3 other toddlers in it and the instructor is so cute with the kids. I can't wait to join her next time while Matt sits out.

 photo C833AC2D-A848-4252-BC2C-E7B2C2325358_zpskqzhbvox.jpg
Ellie's Party Hat - We love party hats from Pretty Posh Shoppes, she had one for her first birthday and we're so happy to have another for her 2nd. 

After swim, we ran a quick errand and picked up some food before our family BBQ to celebrate the big 2. After lunch, we put Ellie down and got ready for the BBQ. We're taking her to Disneyland next month during the week and decided to not go all out with a big party. Plus, I have my sister's shower coming up soon and I didn't want to get burnt out on crafts. We hung up some streamers, a birthday banner, some table covers, and put out some trail mix as a center piece. Done. We invited just our families over and it was really nice to have a low key party and be able to talk to everyone there and relax. We had about 25 people total including children and it was a lot of fun. We served brats, hot dogs, coleslaw, broccoli salad, watermelon, and baked beans with chips and dips. Then hung out with family until nearly midnight! It was so much fun and I'm so happy to have spent such a wonderful day with those we love.

 photo 58C07B76-FD13-4F72-BD16-6D8E9CBD6026_zpsbjmldqlr.jpg
Sheets for Ellie's big girl bed

 photo 1D21AB39-42F1-4829-8D84-CE4EC02CBECD_zpstzyxh7yp.jpg
How could I not get these adorable sandals?? Too cute!

Sunday, we took it easy. Matt relaxed, which never, ever happens. That man is a workaholic and will work 12 hours at work, make dinner, and work in the yard for a few more hours. He's insane. So I let him relax while I went out and ran some errands- picking up some paint for Ellie's big girl room, getting some sheets for her big girl bed, and roamed the aisles at Target all by myself.

 photo 95CBC303-35DF-42ED-AB4B-6FAFE1449254_zpswp8drcmk.jpg

When I got back, we headed to his sister's for a dip in the pool. It was glorious and such a beautiful day outside and the water felt wonderful. I'm sure I'll be living in their pool for the next two months before our little one arrives. Swimming is amazing when you're pregnant, it's like you don't even have a heavy bowling ball for a belly, your back feels great, and the sun feels amazing. It was the perfect ending to a great weekend with family.

Hope you all had a great weekend! Thank you for reading!

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