Tuesday, May 26, 2015

IG Roundup

I haven't done an IG round up in forever and I get that it's kind of an "easy" post, but I wanted to share some stuff I've posted to IG, but haven't had a chance to talk more or review on the blog yet. So although you've seen all of these pics on IG already if you follow me there, here they are again but with some more info about it.

 photo D49D1C88-E057-45BF-AEB0-70330DB6E8E2_zps6hs4svar.jpg

Ohmygoodness. The nesting period of this pregnancy has hit! I didn’t really experience the same urgency/need to do stuff for Ellie's nursery. I wanted to get it done, but the passion and urgency I feel for it is completely different now for Little Baby 2. I had a day off this past week and took full advantage of shopping til I dropped. I went to Kirkland’s and picked up some items for our living room/bedroom, then I went to Home Goods where I bought everything. The picture above doesn’t even show what I put into the cart on my way to check out, or what I had to store inside the laundry bag, or the items I had to carry in my arm to the front. Then, on top of that I went to Target and bought a few more house d├ęcor items. What the heck!?

We’ve slowed down on the decorating of our house because I wanted to wait for inspiration or new furniture (I really want a China Buffet and new dining table), but I’m sick of looking at our blank walls and decided it needed some freshening up. I bought mirrors, candlesticks, accent pieces, and I’m not nearly done, but I’m excited to bring our home together more. I’m not sure of everything I picked up will work for the space I intended it for, but I’ve learned my lesson about Home Goods and Kirklands- if you see it buy it immediately and return later if you change your mind. Things go so quickly there and it’s better to trust your gut about pieces. There are a few pieces I have in mind from Kirklands still that I may go back for (generic stuff they always have different items of like wall sconces, not a specific piece) if I decide to move some pieces we have around or the pieces I bought don’t work out.

 photo 2AC4A173-B1C4-4B26-8AE2-84D70CF347DE_zpssxk4asxu.jpg

These jammies are the best I’ve ever had! Did you sing that to the song tune? I totally did as I typed it. They are so extremely soft and comfortable. Matt and Ellie gave them to me for Mother’s Day and I’ve pretty much lived in them since. They’ll be great to wear while breastfeeding and I plan to take them to the hospital with me for after delivery. I bought my regular size, but I might buy a second pair a size up because I don’t want to stretch them out. Or maybe just another pair because they are the best pajamas and I need several sets.

 photo 603EBD2A-4586-4BF3-AF75-830CB8E151CC_zps82uihhoe.jpg

I bought these clips from Jane from Etsy shop TinkerCrafts and we love them! I like to put bows and such in Ellie’s hair now that it’s long enough to put up. She wore headbands forever and then we had a short period of time where she didn’t want to wear headbands, but her hair wasn’t long enough for a clip alone or to put up yet. She loves to pick out matching bows or clips for her hair each morning and these are easy and simple to use. The clips are covered in a fabric so shimmery it looks like glitter, but since it’s not, there’s no fallout. She’s even worn her hair down a few times with these clips keeping her bangs out of her face, which I thought she would never wear her hair like that! She’s really active and likes her hair no fuss and out of her face, if I use a clip/bow that’s distracting or heavy for her she’ll rip that sucker right out.

 photo cb4f4f43-6320-49f0-94db-7bd514cd3b7c_zpsm0cf22q8.jpg

My little sister is getting married this fall and the bridesmaids and I are throwing her a shower at my house later this summer. The invitations were just sent out and I absolutely love them! One of her bridesmaids who recently moved to the east coast isn’t able to come to the shower, but took charge of the invites (a huge help!) and she chose the most stunning invites I have ever seen. They’re from Etsy shop Ruby Ridge Studios and she showed me a preview of them and they were gorgeous, but in person they are simply beautiful. It’s the perfect invite for the feel of the shower and my sister’s style for her wedding- feminine, floral, and whimsical.

 photo B3EE0F31-411E-45D6-85B8-AAC9393B78E7_zpsozra6yw9.jpg

Sterling Forever was sweet enough to send me some items- the Raindrops Opaque Statement Necklace and their Double Pearl Stud . These were delivered over the weekend and they're so pretty. I'm really excited to wear them and have already started picking out a few outfits for each.

 photo 249A33FE-98B9-456D-836B-0ECB0C7BCF3A_zpsyks8vcvi.jpg

My blush addiction is getting carried away. I've been longing for another one to add to my collection and have been blogging about getting Dame as a dupe for my beloved and now discontinued Pink Swoon. When I went into to check out the blushes, Dame was pretty, but just wasn't doing it for me. I talked to one of the consultants and I picked out one of their newer Pro Longwear Blush called I'm A Lover. It's a beautiful pink with a blue base and has great pigment. I wore it for the first time Sunday and although it's has a great pigment, it's not too strong and is easy to build. It gives a great flush and is really quite pretty. I'll try and get a a pic of me wearing it.

 photo F28EC4CC-DEA3-47EE-83CE-17C85F6768BF_zpsdcgobqlj.jpg

Matt gave me these Nikes for my birthday and I absolutely love them. It feels like walking on air and I really wish I could wear them to work. I love wearing them for errands, but still use my old ugly ones for gardening because I don't want to get these grass or dirt stained.

Hope you're having a fantastic start to the short work week! I hope it goes by quickly for everyone!

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