Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Baby 2 Bumpdate: Week 33

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32 Weeks 4 Days

Each week seems to go by faster and faster and I already feel like this pregnancy has flown right by. I've been asked a lot this past week if I'm ready to be done (and also if I'm excited) and I'm not ready yet. I am one of those annoying women that enjoy being pregnant. Lately, I haven't been as comfortable as normal and a few of my shirts are getting too short to wear (like the one from two weeks ago already! Granted, it was almost too short then too if I'm honest with myself.), and I've been super hot the last few days, but I still overall enjoy being pregnant. I've loved the changes to my body this time around- no stretch marks, my butt/hips haven't grown (but I actually liked that), and my face isn't bloated yet. I know every pregnancy is different, but I thought that since I was having a second girl it would be identical to the first time.

-This last week I've been craving fruits, specifically watermelon and strawberries.

-My hips are still hurting while I sleep, but they don't bother me until the early morning hours. A pillow between my legs (groin to knee) and keeping one leg straight while the other is bent has been the most comfortable for me.

-My sciatic nerve is still hurting me some days, but more of an annoyance than tear induced pain.

-I have been really short of breath recently, I feel as though I have to stand up or stretch to get enough air.

-We cleared out the nursery of the extra bedroom furniture and it's ready to be taped and painted. I really, really wish I could do it myself because I enjoy painting and Matt hates it. I bought the low chemical fume kind, but the man at Home Depot said not to even think about painting, not even the smaller projects I could do outside or if I wore a mask. Granted, he's not a doctor and I haven't asked mine about it, but better safe than sorry. Plus, Matt doesn't want me to do it either so it's a battle I lost.

-The last of my doctor appointments are all scheduled. I have one at the end of the month and I can't wait to see our little girl. I'm hoping to get a good shot of her face to see if I can see any hints of how she'll look. I know she has my nose already, but I wonder if she has my lips or chubby cheeks too like Ellie does. I still think she'll have dark hair, but we'll see!

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I absolutely love this dress from the cutest maternity boutique online - Pink Blush Maternity. I found them through a girlfriend and love their site. They have such cute maternity clothes for all occasions and body types. I like that they have a lot of trendy maternity clothes and most of them would still wear well post-partum. There's lots of dresses, both maxi and short, jeans, shorts, tops, tunics, cardigans, etc. It's the perfect place to shop for upcoming events!

Hope you're having a fantastic week! Thank you for following along!
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