Monday, January 12, 2015

Our Weekend

First I want to say thank you so much for all your beautiful comments from Our Birth Story post. I loved hearing from you guys on FB, Instagram, and on the post. I love this community and I'm so happy to have finally shared such a special day with us. I can't believe it took me so long to put it together! 

I had this Saturday off and I was looking forward to it all week! Ellie came down with a pretty nasty cold during the week and I caught it and I've been waiting to sleep in all week. I've been so tired and going to bed early. Poor Ellie hasn't been able to sleep well at night and has been waking up 2-3 times almost every night so Matt and I are crazy tired. We're all better now, Ellie has a runny nose, but her cough is just about gone and she's sleeping through the night again (PTL).

 photo D375416B-3948-41F5-8CC5-B0E9394EEE91_zpsri87y6tx.jpg
Cardi (on sale now!) // Top // Jeans // Flats (old Steve Madden, similar here)
Saturday morning we slept in to 649am which is still great for us (Matt usually wakes up about 4 and I wake up at 545-6) and we were up and out the door to meet his parents for breakfast. It was so much fun getting out of the house and meeting up with them. We used to live around the corner from them and it was always great to get together all the time. We still see them often, but I miss having them less than a mile from us. We promised that we would meet halfway at least once a month and try new restaurants and cafes. After breakfast, we all went shopping at a local outdoor mall for a few stores before the rain came down.

 photo 75F44392-1A50-4F55-B517-51BD10212EA4_zpsmh6hzuxh.jpg photo 8DEF99B5-F040-488B-AF21-52FA8A49012A_zpsekw4k55j.jpg
Floral Top (in store, but found the maternity version online here) // Heart Tunic 
We stopped at Old Navy and they had the cutest stuff for toddlers. Usually I think they have better stuff for toddler boys than girls, but oh my word they have some cute stuff for girls right now. I snagged this adorable heart tunic for Ellie for Valentines day. I also plan on getting her these floral jeans, yellow polka dot jeans, and chambray tunic for spring. I also picked up this top for spring for myself. I bought a large without trying it on because they were out of mediums, but it's a bit too big. I couldn't find it online (except for the maternity version of course) so I'm going to see if I can find it at a different store. I love the color combos and it's so different from anything I own.

 photo 9B780229-0B23-4BC4-BF87-D43EC5A37E7E_zpshrx8vzed.jpg
When we got home, we went back to pajamas and slippers as soon as we walked in the door. Then Ellie and I both took a nap and it was glorious. Naps are so underrated and I wish I had time to take a nap every weekend.

 photo CBB97C6B-E83D-477F-943E-746A58863F73_zpsyswzqo6p.jpg
After nap time, I relaxed some more and finally watched The Holiday (well I had to finish it yesterday) for the first time. It's one of my sister's favorites and I had never seen the whole thing! Isn't that crazy? It was so good though, I really enjoyed it. After that, we had dinner as a family and did some house cleaning. Super exciting Saturday night around these parts.

 photo DB012B93-A51C-4134-9AD5-08D2FBF5CE43_zps5tfqmhgw.jpg
Sunday morning I stuck with a New Year's resolution and got to it in the kitchen with some crepes for breakfast (while on the topic of resolutions, I also cleaned out the fridge). They turned out great and was really easy to make (I used this recipe). It was a nice change of pace from our usual breakfasts (eggs/spam, pancakes, chorizo). Matt went all out for dinner and baked a turkey and made gravy for the first time. He's a freaking champ and is so awesome. They both turned out delicious, especially the gravy. I'm such a gravy snob because my mom makes the best ever so I'm super judgy of gravy, but his passed the test.

 photo 6da2880b-06c1-4f58-8fa4-0fefbabae93e_zps4f4cc8d6.jpg
We used the Hershey's Spread with Almond instead of Nutella. It wasn't as delicious as Nutella, but still pretty good. Yes, I realize Nutella is with hazelnut and I thought I bought the hazelnut version of Hershey's, but I guess I didn't. Nutella is easier to spread and is creamier.As a snack last night I had it with some sliced apples and it was bomb. Even still, I think I'll buy the real stuff next time.

Hope you all had a great weekend! I have a fun polish review for tomorrow!
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