Friday, January 16, 2015

Recent Faves

 photo 277FDC68-DCEC-4F4B-A343-5FBA299B4B0E_zpswabagr39.jpg photo 49D04D1A-14C7-4F95-A9AB-1A2DA52277EF_zpsobb1stfe.jpg photo 46A8A966-172F-4DF4-9C31-CF2E6105F421_zps5rukdwvq.jpg
sunnies // pave earrings (from Olive + Piper, sold out, identical here) // pearl earrings
hot pink gloss: Revlon Pink Ruby (more down below!) // light pink lips: MAC Creme Cup Lipstick & Angel LipGlass

Ever since this trend post back in July, I’ve been obsessed with both double stud and cuff earrings. I put it on my Christmas wishlist for my family’s Secret Santa and they totally came through with this gorgeous pair of 360 Pave Double Studs from Olive + Piper. Then this past week during my break and usual trip to Target, I found the double pearl earrings in their jewelry section. Score! I had been wanting a pair for a while, but they were always gone before I could check out (Jane has had them on sale several times,for as low as $2.99!). I love the versatility of the earrings, you can mix and match with other stud earrings to create a different look. These studs are so easy to wear and add a touch of edge to any outfit.

 photo 0371D8B2-D965-4000-8C08-414C802AF312_zps8ym9yno2.jpg
Painting Ellie's toes!

For the first time, I finally painted Ellie's toes a few weeks ago. I have no idea why I waited so long, there was no reason or rhyme for it. She loved having her toes painted and keeps looking at them and showing everyone. I tried to get a cute after picture, but she wouldn't stand still. Even now, weeks later. I can't wait to paint them again, it's so much fun being a girl mama (I'm sure boy mamas have just as much fun though!).

 photo D5DE0EF9-CD7F-4983-9D6D-1B11F8C7BC19_zpspxkm7lfm.jpg

White Plum had an awesome flash sale for $2.99 and I had never really worn boot cuffs before, but I absolutely love these! I’ve bought a few boot socks in the past and they never fit right or are tall enough for my boots! It’s so frustrating, so I kind of gave up on them. Hello boot cuffs! These are great and I love that since they’re not socks, you can adjust them to any height. I was kind of worried that they would ride up if I wore them over my socks, but it wasn’t an issue. Win-win!

 photo 2F2C8D30-7322-489C-B69B-B88E4A684634_zpsvxtustjz.jpg
Revlon’s HD Lip Laquer in Pink Ruby

 photo 49D04D1A-14C7-4F95-A9AB-1A2DA52277EF_zpsobb1stfe.jpg photo 8BAB47CE-33D8-484E-AF79-A197DA0769CA_zpsvkfut6rn.jpg

This month’s People StyleWatch (the one with Taylor Swift on the cover) featured Revlon’s new lip gloss in Pink Ruby so I snagged that too on my weekly Target run. Oh my word. I’ve never in my life seen such a pigmented gloss before. It’s like a lipstick with some shimmer and lasted all day long. I only re-applied once (my biggest lipstick downfall) and it left a gorgeous stain. I had several clients and co-workers compliment the gloss and the hubs wants me to wear it this weekend for a triple date we have planned. I seriously want to go buy more shades, I want to snag Tourmaline (a great Barbie pink) and Pink Sapphire (a baby soft pink) as well, but my Target was sold out of both. You can check out some swatches here. The only hang up, is the gloss isn’t very moisturizing or slick/wet. That’s not a deal breaker for me, but did want to let you all know. Side note, anyone else take pics of stuff they see and want to check out? I do it all the time so I don't forget.

 photo 034990B5-779B-4901-B951-C5638B0E392E_zpsmltbwkzl.jpg 

These bras are one of my favorite ever. I love to wear them just at home and to sleep in. Ready for some TMI? I used to be one of the girls that whipped my bra off the minute I came home, but since being pregnant and nursing for 14 months and having to wear a bra 24/7 I can't stand not to sleep in one now. Isn't it crazy? I know, I'm aware. These bras are super comfortable and thin (I can't imagine working out in them other than for yoga and maybe pilates though). If you're looking for something like this, snag it! Plus, I love the fun bright colors.

What are some of your recent favorites/purchases?

Hope you have a fantastic weekend! What are your plans?
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